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매일 매일 늦은것갓다!Maeil Maeil Nujunkotkatta! ( Everyday is late it seems)

on March 17, 2008

yeaahh.. i think i can see my schedule for these comings weeks.. i would say everyday will be coming back late from work hohoh :O… If only people can evolve and have more than 1 head.. more than 1 brain and of course mere pair of hands ahahha..

ouh anyway… enough of office stories ( nothing really interesting to tell you anyway beside the multiplying workloads ahahah :p).. So anyway, now everynight, my “a must” activity will be to browse for “Love Lette” in the you tube ( mind you that love letter is the name of a game show in korea okay.. not the lovey divey love letter :P).. so after i got tired searching for love letters ( actually i don’t really got tired except for teh part that the vids are separated to too many parts :P), i came across “Song Hye Kyo” clips.. ehehe :)… I started liking this actress in Full House.. When I first saw her in Autumn in My heart… I hated her because of her “lembik” character..But anyway, just wanna share one cute ad she acted for McD.. so cute ehhehe 😉

eheheh.. wonder why she kept doing that? eheh :p

after i found that, I was looking at all those “related” videos. Apparently she is a very shy actress.. ouh.. so cute when the host asked her to do a pose to do “The pose which tempts the man inside in 3 seconds” ..

You can see how she is naturally shy and not acting on it :).. Anyway.. just want to post this ahhaha..
this is when she was asked to sing the “3 bears” song ( the cute song in Full house:

Sorry no subs eehehehe :p .. This one the version on the drama Full House :

She is categorizes as one of the natural beauties korean actress :)(..yeah.. most korean actor and actress are nowadays have too many stiches to look better on screen)
I think this is a fan made tribute for “Song Hye Kyo Birthday MV – 2007″

okay… enough2 ehehe :p

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