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Salah siapa kalau org malaysia tak minat membaca?

on April 7, 2008

wah.. title cam ilimiah la plak :P.. ahahahha… tade… i went to Perpustakaan Negara last friday cos my sis neeed to find some reference.. so i took half fay leave and went to the national library thinking that the collection will be very satisfying… sad to sayyyy…. the book collection i would rate as “below average”..

Hei… you are the National Library okay…. supposedly you should have the most book collection in the whole country.. but seriously….the book collection is wayyyy tooooo far behind…. I can say that bookstores have more collections that what the national library have….

Sigh…. and yet we are promoting ” Mari membaca” wahahahhaa… i seriously had a big laugh okay…. it was such a dissapointment and waste of our time to go there….


anyway enough of the below average standard library…these past few weeks, i have been very very busy.. wahaa…workload doubled but hey suprisingly i did not explode to anyone at office :P( ahhaahha :P).. i have lots of photos to upload….Standardchartered KLGSSC wedding, reeena’s wedding…Zul’s wedding…. who else… haaihh.. kenapa banyak sangat event tah :P.. anyway.. nnt laa i will update all those pix if i have the “rajin” in me :P..

waiting for my FTTS t shirts from the states eheheheh :D.. ( spent quite a sum of money just for 1 tshirt ahahaha :P)….thinking whether i want to buy the whole collections of cd’s as the Malaysia fan club is now ordering the FTTS 10th aniversary album as well as the previous albums.. ( i wish my car didn’t just telan my rm 1.5K),, if not i think i would have bought the whole cd collections from the old2 times… hmm.. will think about buying the old collections.. but i will definetely order the 10th year album compilation…

FTTS Chuwayo… :X

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