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Recollection is on the Way!!

on April 17, 2008

 Yeayyy.. Guess what, I finally managed to buy “Fly to the Sky- Recollection” album through Yesasia.. AHHAHAA… this is my 1st time buying things online..

i was a bit down earlier cos the singapore and Malaysian fan club are organizing a bulk ordering but the dateline to buy supposed to be on the 2oth April which happens to be 4 days b4 my pay.. I am damn broke this month cos My car has just cost me 1500 last 2 weeks and basically i’m damn pokai so i can’t afford to pay RM50 for the album ahaha… so i was just crossing my finger and tried if by any chance i would be able to buy the album online… so i clicked and clicked and clicked and till teh part for credit card details.. i just keyed in the details… and press enter ( i was thinking that the payment won’t go through.. but surprisingly it went through… :D.,… though the price is around Rm10 more than the price they are offering at the FTTS fan club… but hey.. the fact that i managed to buy the album is just brightening enough ahahhaah 😛 .. yeahhh i’m crazy.. i know :P.. actually i requested for my fren faa to help me buy the album in korea cos she is currently in korea now… but then then only ireallized that the release date is on the 24th.. so faa won;t be there when the album is released..hope she don;t go through so much trouble tryong to find the album for me :)…(will make mental note to try to sms her later. just incase if she switch on her phone)

so anyway… can’t wait for the “recollection”.. the cover is yummyy and classy  ehehe 😀


3 responses to “Recollection is on the Way!!

  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

  2. yosi says:

    i know that feeling when I didn’t have any money to buy it
    but later finally I got my salary yeyeyey

  3. hi Yosi…thanks for stopping by… yeah…. it always like this.. whne you need something.. then you don’t have the money… but when you have the money.. then you don’t have anything to buy eheheh 😛

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