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Youtubing is back :P

on April 20, 2008

ouh ouh..ouh… been spending my waking hours “youtubing” and downloading youtube stuff ahaah… been trying to find the kdrama “Wedding” in veoh and many other pages for quite sometime.. but hmm i manage to only find the 6 parts per eps in youtube. ouh well.. better by parts than none eheheh :p.. so finished dlding the whole series just for the sake of rewatching it :P… wanna buy cd.. but too lazy to go to KL.. so stick to the smaller pixel version ahahah :P..

few weeks back.. been bz youtubing the Korean Game show “Love Letter” wahaaa..
(one part of it only :P… this is Bali Special..)

had a great time laughing alone at night in my room (ahahah sound so crazy :p)… but this week when i try to find the same uploader, the page is was no longer found.. sob sob.. luckily i managed to download quite a number of eps already.. so anyway.. since i’m so intoo FTTS these few weeks… (can’t wait for my tshirt from the states and my cd.. yeayy yeayy).. i’m thinking to post some of the clips about FTTS (Fly to the Sky if you don’t know what is FTTS)..

ouh ouh..ouh.. hwannheeeee…. the sound is sooooooooo nice..
Fly to the Sky-To You Whos (Come Back on Music Core) 5/5/06

okay.. i know the vid is not so the latest one :P.. but hey.. who cares.. I wanna post it anyway ehehe πŸ˜›

FTTS – μŠ΅κ΄€ (Poison Ivy)

My favourite Hwanheee :X πŸ™‚

FTTS (Hwanhee) – Fanvid(credit to :MarinaJulie)

Ddo(again) Hwanhee :X
ν™˜ν¬ singing Solid’s 이밀의 끝을 작고 on X맨117

Sooo.. All of you have to agree that that he can singg :>

Cute and Cheeky Brian

Okaylah.. since allthese clips have no subs.. I will post another Vid of their song with Subs….errrrrrr

…….errrrr… tried finding one ine you tube,, but can’t find any nice vclips with sub.. :P.. i found few in Veoh,, but too bad cannot upload here for you guys πŸ˜›

eh eh eh.. after almost half an hour of hardworks :p.. i found few eegeggee :P.. but i think maybe i have posted these vids previously.. but nvm hehehe πŸ˜›

FTTS-Like A Man

FTTS My Angel MV[romanization w/ eng sub]-Credit ;butterflylaydee686

Fly To The Sky Sarang Hae MV[romanized w/ eng sub]-Credit ;butterflylaydee686

okay.. Last but not least eheheh ( quite an old song for FTTS)
Sea of Love (english sub)

Hope you enjoy these vids as much as I do

4 responses to “Youtubing is back :P

  1. zulfadli says:

    Ada quite a number of lagu2 FTTS kat Redbox Sogo, too bad xde karaoke version. Buleh sing along je la, tu pun main hentam ^^

  2. ouh ade ek lagu FTTS? nk kene carik nih :> ehehe

  3. Zulfadli says:

    Eh ader..sape kate xde..hehe. Antaranya lagu Gravity, Missing You, Sea of Love, Condition of My Heart..tp tu la, sumenye MTV version, bukan karaoke version (or pinyin version). Bnyk gak lagu-lagu Korea situ, n antaranya (jgk siap ada karaoke version) adlh lagu Because I’m a Girl dr kumpulan KISS (yg sngat femes dgn video klip yg sedih tu..) so klu x tau Korean pun blh la skit2 nyanyi sbb ade bantuan romanization ^^, lagu dr Rain, S.E.S. dll

  4. azreen says:

    Redbox sogo je ke yang ade tuh? hmmm.. selalu aku gi tempat karaoke mana2 mesti byk lagu lama.. then title seme in korean… tade letak artist name… susah nk carik .. tape2.. nnt kene try melwat sogo skali ehihihih

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