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Fly to the Sky is here!!

on April 22, 2008

ahahah… Don’t misunderstand me… :P.. what i meant was my FTTS limited edition repakcage “No Limitation” album is here hihihi … Faaa… Gomawoyo… seb baik ko bijak utk membeli jugak album nih utk aku walaupun terawal di korea sebelum tarikh release “Recollection” album.. eheheh.. I ordered recollection actually but since the “recollection” release date is 24th, so i decided to buy the album online… but hey…. my fren is clever.. since she did not manage to find “recollection” ( of course cannot find cos i got the release date wrongly ahahha) :p.. so she bought ,me this album instead… wahaaa… so happyyy…

Actually i wanted to take picture of the cd journal.. but i don’t know where is my camera memory card extension, so i resorted to taking pictures with my handphone and transfered the files by bluetooth then ehehe… Nevermind.. Just remembers that Kayla from HS has been very kind to scan all the pictures… Kayla dearie.. can i put few pics in my blog here?

but sigh.. the files are in the office.. so for now i would settle with the pictures that i took using my phone ehehhe …

okay.. that’s it for now ahaha.. cos the pictures looks a bit weird when you take it from all angels ahah…. no matter what… still waiting for my tshirt and the recollection album by next week hoyeahhh

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