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Sounds Familiar??!

on April 28, 2008

Gambar tiada kene mengena ngan title mahupun content blog 😛
Gambar tiada kene mengena ngan title
I was driving like my normal days…queueing at the Touch n Go que and lalala…until I reached the booth.. and yeaahhhhh at that moment i reallized my touch and go card was not at the usual spot.. and that very moment i remembered that yesterday the card fall off the usuall spot and i made mental note to search for it when i stopped my car but yeah obviously i have forgotten about it.. so when i was actually at the touch n go que i was frantically searching for my card and hey of course you can’t find anything in that frantic mode.. :O arghhh…. so the PLUS staff pass me the ticket and so today after so many months or should i say after years of not queueing at the snail lane…I need to queue at the ticket queue to pay in the normal busy hectic werking day..


warghhhh… the queue is damnnnn looonngggg and basically i spent nearly half an hour just to reach my turn and during those many minutes of waiting i finally found my touch and go… Sighhh!! but hey what’s the use of it when you didn’t touch the card in the entrance earlier right?? so there was i waiting at the llooooonnngg queue for more than half an hour…Reluctant to spoil my mood, i was trying to calm myself by saying ” assume i woke up late this morning… i was not stuck for so long just to pay the toll” ahaha… after reading few books on how bad mood/ bad words can spoil your day… so yeah.. i was a bit relaxed compared to the normal me ahahha.. luckily i managed to reach office just in time.

so lalalala.. i was doing my job as usual.. but amazing enough i get to go back on time today… Well i’ve been working around 12 hours a day for basically everyday for the whole week last week, so when i finally stand up and pack my bag, my colleague was surprised ehhehe :P.. Nevermind.. Give azreen a break… i suppose tomorrow will be another hectic busy day for me again..

wait…. i wanna try if i can attach any immeem player here…………………. fly_to_the_sky_recollection_music_playlist  ( when you read my blog and if you can listen to any song then that means i’ve made it..anyway i’m attaching the FTTS- “Recollection” album here… can’t wait for my cd to arrive… yippiee..

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