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on May 1, 2008

it’s now 12.04 am.. Today is 1st May 2008 and i’m working in 7 hours time.. huhuh…the best part is… I might need to come back to office this Sunday to settle up some urgent matters… howaa..New role in a team ( it’s been slightly more than a month now).. I would say most of the time i can still cope with the work pressure.. but some of the time when i reached my limit.. i will be blur and at total lost ahahah.. then i’ll be disoriented and when people talk to me i will nod and nod but then i can’t remember what did people talked to me about :O..

Red flags in my office mailbox is getting more and more each day….

Hi Azreen, Can please advice/ can please cnfirm on this matter bla bla bla ehhehe :P.. Can anyone delete my AD id one day and hope that i can get a few hours rest AHHAAHHA.. ( keep on dreaming…) Nowadays working more than 10 hours a day is a routine.. nothing new in that… But when you are so used to hectic busy day when you suddenly go on a long holiday where you just stay at home… then you will be at total lost (gila btol )..uh ouh ouh.. forget to add that i might need to come to the office this Sunday….. eeehhhh…. i did mentioned already earlier in this post.. ( see the effects on me now?? short term memory lost!!)

okaylah.. I think i better go to sleep now… ZzzzzZzzzz.. my full mailbox is awaiting tomorrow morning…. Chauuuzzzzzz….

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