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KOrean Dinner

on May 1, 2008

I’m in a rush.. cos i’m kinda sleepy now.. but i want to upload few pix here too :P.. went to Kong Jung earlier today and snapped few pic :p.. today i think i wanna try to use the link function for the pictures ehehhe .. since i aleayd uploaded the pictures in FB, so why bother to do double job right… ok.. (if you manage to see the picture then it means the upload is successful :p)

Us.. Pompuan sebok yang dikatakan kawan aku :p(fira..Aku.. LIn and Azie)

Makanan2 yang penuh meja.. ( eh why am i mixing between malay and english nih??)

Cleared :p

Puan Azie dan Encik Raihan ehehe

so if you wanna see more.. bukak je lah FB account tuh.. malas plak nk upload seme :p

One response to “KOrean Dinner

  1. EEHHHHHHHHH.. emptyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.. argghhh.. nt la kalo rajin ku reupload.. kalo idak.. bukak je laa my FB :p

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