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Brief update

on May 13, 2008

1- MY lappie has been changed to useless gadgets since last week ( cos the explorer is having error)… Wanna format.. but thinking how to back up my filkes if i can’t open explorer… Anyone can teach me how to do backup using dos prompt?

2-Last weekend, went to Gunung Besar Hantu (GBH) in N9.. seriously… very very very tiring… I have already decided that I don’t want to go up to the peak even before we moved to the campsite ( on saturday).. but since I was accidentally appointed as so called “expedition leader” so i have no choice but to join the trip to the Peak on Sunday morning..more stories will be updated once my lappie is better =(.. FYI… i reached the campsite and the Mountain peak as the last person ahahah.. but hey… at least i do all the activities.. and i’m proud of myself even though i was a bit embarassed cos i keep on being the last person to arrive :p.

3- I’m now lack of sleep.Saturday: sleep for about 3-4 hours cos woke up early tp help preparing the breakfast for the trip to the peak……Sunday: reached TPM at 12am (from GBH). Monday : woke up at 6 cos this week my shift is at 8… (again i slept for about 4 hours only).. then today i have to work for more than 13 hours..sighhhhsss.. i think there were times where i was staring at the monitor not knowing what did i do earlier..

4- My feet really hurt right now( thanks to hiking trip :P) Tapak kaki ku macam terbakar..( i guess this one is due to tapak kasut dh hancur during teh trip… my hip is cramp ( bangun dudk dan turun naik tangga sangat menyeksakan).. kedua2 ibu jari kaki ku biruuu ( padan muka ko… sape soh lupa potong kuku kakib4 the trip… kan kuku dh gesel ngan kasut sepanjang perjalanan turun bukit..

5- aku nk tido.. sbb aku dh sangat blur… chauzzzzz( Gambar hiking akan dtg selepas ku rajin sket nnt ek…)


p/s: ku sangat nk g melawat spa 2-3 hari nih… mungkin akan melawat dlm minggu nih… mahu urut sama scrub.. wahaaa

4 responses to “Brief update

  1. Me says:

    Jangan menyesal yerk.

    KFC jgn dilupek.

  2. hmmhmmm…. org belakang kat gbh ade banyak :p.. ni org belakang yang mana satu? :P.. and errk.. mana plak dapat orgnye blog add nih?? hmmmm through facebook ke?

  3. Me says:

    Orang belakang mana ada lagi.
    Mana tau blog nie. Bukak google taip menyesal naik GBH jumpa terus blog nie.Kui Kui.

    Minta maaf banyak banyak kalau masa trip buat lawak bodoh. Nak cover sendiri punya ketaklaratan hehehe.

    Jangan menyesal nak join trip mcm ni lagi.


  4. 😛 wah hebat :P… ade erk taip kat atas tuh neysal naik GBH? tade rasanya 😛 ahahaha :P.. manade cakap nyesal naik GBH.. cakap penat je ahahah… balik dr GBH mana de rest lansung.. gi keje terus kene keje lebey dr 12 jam.. hari ni pon keje lebey dr 10 jam… camner lah kan…. :P…

    nk kfc? leh aje :p.. set tarikh lepas minggu depan ahahah../.. minggu ni pokai yang amats

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