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Big Ghost Mountian-10th-11th May 2008

on May 17, 2008

wahaa…. since my laptop is still sick and unplug( thanks to my bro huh).. so i can’t wait anymore but to proceed to write.. it was sickening to figure out how to upload the pictures using this pc as it was very very slow… and wallah.. suddenly i remembered about bubble share.. :D..these are the pictures…(pictures credite to CS,Pei Hau,Caryn and Russ.. i didn’t bring my camera cos i can’t even take care of myself ahahah :P)

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===========last weekend schedule=============

1oth May- 7 am- Move from house to office..(yeah i have to stopped by at the office to sort out some works for the team mates.. after assigning the task and everything, then only i can move to the lobby to join the others.the bus arrived around 9 if i’m not mistaken… so after everyone was safely in the bus and everyone gotten their bread and drinks, we sat down and sleep (ahahah cos the trip to the base took us about 2 hours)..

After we reached Jeram Batu ( err.. actually i vaugely remembered the place names) OGKL gang packed the breakfast and luch for everyone and we distributed to everyone :).. When everyone is well fed, we load all the bags and stuff on the 4WD and took a 1 hour ride to the starting point… Lata Kijang camp.

wohoo sounds so far right?? yes… it was far.. ehehhe.. on teh way there, we saw a lot of ogr asli villagers :).. the kids were so excited to see a lot of 4WD drove through and we waved :D…eheehhe

then.. we finally reached the starting point. Lata Kijang camp.  Due to some corrosion, the 4WD need to stop earlier and duhh… we have to start walking earlier too ehehehe.. wohoooo… the route was steep… and yeah.. being unfit it was already making me  tired haiihhhh.. so we walked and we walked and we walked all day… ( at this hour i was already the last person… huhuhu.. so there’s two person waling behind of me as they act as the sweeper ( i think that’s what they call the last guide)).. so the sweeper at that time was Amy and Wak Jan.. we walked.. and we walked and we walked and then…. arrghhh… cramped.. carmped.. there were few time where we had to stop cos my feet was cramped… :(… so we had to stop to put some medication.. ( erkk… tu lah dh lama tak work out… anda sudah sangat tak fit okk…..).. and we finally reached kem anak antu ( erk.. btol ke namanye??)

After everyone get their rest about 15 minutes, then we decied to start hiking again. The hike up to Kem Orkid is about 900 metres above sea level.. wohooooo( at least that was what I found on the web).. we had a few distruption at the earlier stage as we need to go back few times as we were not sure on which was the correct track.. so after changing track 2 times, we were finally on the road again.. ehehehe sure enough even when i started hiking quite early at the front, in  the end i ended up beingthe last person again.. huhuhu( sorry to those who need to wait for me…..)

At this time i already lost the track of time ahahha… so after the way got darker and darker, i was finally using the headlamp.. but wohoooo… just to make my life “easier” in the jungle.. the headlamp decided to play trick on me…and it went capult.. at that time, there were amy, baby and kak ieda with me… Thanks all for waiting huhuhu ( so slowwwwwwwwww me..) 1 hour b4 we can reach the campsite, kak ida and baby decided that they need to go first as they need to prepare the food for all.. and so there were only me and amy.. with 1 headlamp.. huhu again.. so i said.. amy jalan dululah…. i tak nampak… and so we walked.. and we walked and we walked and we walked.. ( bila nk sampai nih?????) now the mental were more exhausted than the physical… I think i was not that tired compared to the mind that was rejecting the idea of more walking needed,.. sigh…

i was already appologizing to amy for so many times cos i already felt guilty for being slow..my feet refused to move anymore….and i stopped so many times… (bilalah nk sampai kan kalo asyik benti)sorrylah!!.. and so after few hours of agonizing waiting (ahahaha :p).. we reached camp Orchid… wohhooooo…… penattttttttttttttttt…i was feeling a bit ashamed cos i reached ssoooo damn late.. but hey i don’t care anymore.. as long as i don’t have to walk again for a while ahahh(sounds so down kan).. so to make things short… we cooked dinner.. everyone had dinner and kak ida and i decided to go to the water source for a short wash up… but we ended up to the wrong water source ahahah…and then it rained… so we ended up washing our face and decided to head back to the camp site and change there instead… then sleeeppppppp… ( ouh i heard people told me i was talking in my sleep :P…. how embarassing again :p)

===========next day-11th May=============

4 am.. woke up to help kak ida prepare some light breakfast for all.around 5-5.30 we started the way up to the peak..( i almost decided not to go up the peak.. but hmmmm then after few persuasion, i went up instead)…. True enough.. i was the last person again.. sighh…sorry all) thanks for all the patience to wait for slow me… after a short break and a few snap shot.. we were on the way down again to the camp site.. he way down was a bit slow for the group compared to teh way up… everyone was cautiously moving down because of the sliperry track.. and so it happens this was the only trip that i did not ended up being the last person to arrive aahahahahhaah..

at the camp site, the tent were already packed..after a short lunch ( i did not eat the lunch…cos i can’t eat when i’m tired..) everyone were  ready to go down.. and so we started the journey…this one too i did not finish last AHAHAHHA ( itu je yang ku mampu….) i was moving faster and faster everytime i hear the water sound…. thinking that the waterfall was near…when we reached camp anak antu ( erk btol ke namanye..??) i thot thatw as the waterfall i was so happy cos i thot i can rest for a while…butt nooooooooooooooooooOooooOOOOOoo.. they told us we ned to walk 15 more minutes to reach the waterdall… huhuhuhu. tipuuu…. it was more than 15 minutes hehehe…. during this time i was alerady in a almost moody mood.. since iw as so clever enough as to not to cut my toenails b4 the trip, the toes were already tooo painful to move…the toes kept on smashing to the shoe and so i refused to walk huhuhu..

and then we reached the junction to the waterfall.. same question being asked by everyone… ” jauh ke nk turun bawah tuh??”….. ” tak jauh… 5 menet je….lepas tuh turun tangga”.. uhuhuhuhu.. 5 menet?? actually i know already that 5 minutes is just figure speech where the real time should be triple or 4 times than that…don’t know why.. i decided to go down the route regardless i know it will take me another 20 minutes to go down.. and soo…..when i walked down.. i was thinking… errrkkk…. if this is the way down.. then later i need to take the same way to go up again… at that time i was having 2nd thought…waaaaaaaaaaa.. why so far… why???.. where is the stairs….?? but since i walready walked halfway through.. and so i continued the journey…. again… where’s the stairs?? :O i think after 15-20 minutes walking and therreeeee it was… a hiigghhhhhhhhh superr steeeppppp stairss :O.. some of us even counted the stair case and they mentioned it was more than 300 steps.. errkkkkk ou well.. since i was there already.. so down i went…

after about half an hour forgetting the steps i need to take to go up…and then we need to go up again…huhuhuh…and after i finally reached the meeting area.. (of course i was last again).. we meed to start moving down… and then was where the stupid toes stopped me from moving… huhuuh.. ouchh.. ouchh..ouchh… after half an hour of agonizing steps… we can now see the road… here certainly refused to walk anymore… i want to take off the shoes and roll down the road ahahhaah ( gila dah..) here i was aleady moody because i was tired… and then the knight in shining armor camee ( ouh i’m being dramatic).. :p.. there’s a police office who were on motor cycle passed and asked me if i can still walk or if i need a ride… that was like pucuk di cita ulam mendatang.. without thinking twice i thanked the pakcik.. :D…. and weeheee… i finally arrived at the 4WD place ( i think it was around 300-500 meters away).. i slept the whole way  back in the 4WD except for certain part where there were some glitches :O.

apparently, we reached the Jeram batu 2 hours late than scheduled and so the bus driver has moved somewhere… hhuhuhuh…okay.. to cut stories short ( cos the stories is now tooo longggg)..we waited for teh bus at the road side for about 1 hour i think.. and the bus finally came at about 10 and we move to tpm and reached around 12…..

i reached home around 12.30 and i made a visit to the big dustbin near my house to throw my shoe aahahha.. goodbye my shoe.. forgot to take pictures of your last condition before i say goodye ehehhe :P.

and the next day.. i woke upat 6.30 and went to work… and yes.. this trip was sooo tired.. but i managed not to take any mc for the whole week now… hoyeahh…

thanks to all that have waited… thanks to al that have walked behind me…thanks to all that have cooperated and thanks to all for making this real :D…. i may have to rethink b4 my next trip to any gunung… but the the trip was sure enjoyable. 🙂 except for the guilt for being waited for so long…..


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