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A year older a year wiser? eheh ( cam sama ngan tajuk tahun lepas je)

on June 11, 2008

hohohoho… now it’s already 11th June 2008. so it has been 1 day and 6 minutes since my bday eheheh 😛 ( by the time this thing is published, sure its more than what’s mentioned here. Anyway, that’s not the reason of this entry :P…

erk.. i forgot why i wrote this entry ahahaha .. that’s me… I am a “sanguine dominant”. meaning i’m the lalala happy go lucky and sometimes forgetful type eheh ( read “Personality PLus” book if you wanna know more).. But sometimes, i am a Melancholy where i think too much of certain things.. particuAlar things where sometimes other people won’t even bothered.

I am now 26th years old hohoh.. (is it old?).There are times that i felt that I am young ahahah ( perasan sentiasa :p).. But when your friends are getting married one by one, then one by one having a child of their own.. then you feel a little bit left out :P. but most of the time i would say I am enjoying myself eheheh…ouh.. those who have read my previous entry would have noticed that someone is now enganged..errmm.. jealous? erm at least i don’t think so..erm.. anyway the past is the past.. no good will come if man keep on thinking about the past.. So, learn from the past and improve the future :D..

Anyway, just now ( earlier this evening) I went to MV to meet my best friend and since i arrived quite early, I decided to stop by at the gym to use the steam room for a while.. ahahha It hwas been 4 months since i paid the gym without visiting it hohoho.. been too busy lately.. haiiihh…paying the service for nothing.. so i managed to use the facilities for a while.. keh keh keh..then i met my friend.. Thanks sahab for the dinner.. ehehe lenkali aku belanja pulak :P.. what else happened on my b’day? nothing much.. but i finally managed to take out the toenail that has come out :P.. so now i have a toe without a nail ahahah…

anyway just wanna list things that I want to do this year and I hope i can fulfill all of this.

1. I want to be a better servant to The Almighty. Been neglecting my duties as a servant and i feel bad about this :(.. God, help me to be a petter person and a better servant.. Amin..

2. I want to lose tonnes of weight HAHAHAHAHA.. i know you all are laughing cos i’m laughing too ehehhe…but yeah.. i’ve been neglecting myself this long… howaaa…….those who knows me from school days will know how big i have grown these past years..:P

3. Progress personally, improve my people skill :).. Hope to grow to be a better person with great personality. Learning to be more positive and be more confident :). In a way, reason to lose weight in the first place is to gain back the confidence i lost along the way.

4. Learn to believe in myself and then only i can learn to trust others. Yerp, I am suffering from self confidence issue. People might not really notice it but yeahh its an issue i need to fight.

5. Once i overcome the self esteem issue, then I want to work out passive income.. yeahh… I want to retire young retire rich.. Amin…PAy all the debt and then travel.. travel and travel :).That can include more outdoor activities eheheh :D…

6. Meet someone who can appreciate me as it is and be the best friend forever 🙂 who can share everything in my life.. (this is more towards dream rather than something i can control) muahaahahhaa..

I guess it should be enough for now. BUt tonight feeling like want to write more ahahah.. Those who is sick of reading this entry, you can stop now ehehhe :p

Facts on Azreen :

May seem happy all the time but sometimes she laughed a lot to cover the stress 😛

For some reason, azreen thinks that people sees her as unfriendly on the first opinion. But she will be very friendly once she knows the person. She treasures all her friends very very much.

Azreen have a temper :p.. When she is mad she will keep quiet and talk to no one..

When she is too mad, she will cry ( yeah weird :P)

Can be ridiculously sensitive sometimes.Small things that sometimes does not matter to anyone, can bug her.

Azreen watched too much Korean drama and movies and learned korean language for the fun of it and loving it 🙂

Romantic movies can makes azreen daydreaming. Romantic at heart but practical thinking sometimes can change the mind ahaha ( meloncholy traits :P).

Suffering from self esteem issue ever since someone left her for some reason :P( urghh now i’m being dramatic).

Hate it if she can’t fulfill people expectation for any reason no matter in life or in work. Will try her best to perform the best as she can. Will be stressed if do not meet the expectation.

Hate to wait and hate being waited for.

and that’s pretty much sum up what azreen is in person eheheh ::p..Care to add anything? ahahah 😛

2 responses to “A year older a year wiser? eheh ( cam sama ngan tajuk tahun lepas je)

  1. zulfadli says:

    Hepi belated befday! =)

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