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Saya nk tag jugak :P

on June 14, 2008
saje2.. sudah lama tak tagging menaging.. sudah jumpa mende ini dlm emma nye buletin board.. keh keh… mari mencuba 😛
What’s the last song you heard?
+ Saranghaeyo Uri – Fly to the sky ( mesti banyak tato :p)
 Did you eat breakfast today?
+idak.. eh ade kot.. makan roti krim ( kiijer kol 8 hari nih hhuhuhu)
Name 2 things you have in common with Oprah.
+ermm.. ermm…i wish i am rich like her ( but too bad.. idak :P)
Are you wearing glasses?
+nope.. sunglass ade lah bila gedik2 nk bawak keter pakai sun glass 😛 ( tapi rasnaya kalo check mata skang dh kene pakai glasses kot.. (akibat berkomputer sentiasa :P))
Do you like to read?
+i like reading.. i like buying books more ahah… but now tade masa nk read.. dolu2 baca masa tunggu bas ke.. dlm bas ke.. skang nih driving… maka tak dapek 😛
What is the last movie you watched?
+ermmm iron man kot… ehh bukan… narniaaa lah ehehhe 😛
Would you rather take a math test or an english test?
+math n math n math… then english ( my english is getting worse even when i’m speaking english everyday ahahah :P)
The Simpsons or South Park?
+errrr.. neither?? but if i have to choose, maybe south park kot
Who is the last person you talked online with?
+ermmm yani kot 😛
Is there anyone that gives you butterflies in your stomach?
+erk… dh lama butterfly mati.. :P… sudah lama tiada butterfly wujud dlm perutku :p ahahaha 😛
Do you prefer to go the mall or order online?
Are you a yeller when you get mad?
+ when i yell meaning i’m just a bit mad.. when I’m tooooooo maddddd, i keep quiet.. hohoho :P.. but i think i don’t yell, i nag kot ahahah
What [if anything] is bothering you right now?
+ermm…. errmmmm.. there’s something 😛
Who’s hotter? blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
+brunettes kot 😛
Have you ever wanted to cry but couldn’t?
+hmmmm try not to cry but fail pernah kot 😛 ahhaha
Have you ever wanted to laugh but couldn’t?
+hmm ntah ek.. ade kot?
Do you currently want to be some where else?
+ i want to be on vacation.. huhuhuh
How old were you when you started driving?
+18 i guess
What do you think of a man that wears pink?
+errrrr.. depends 😛
Do you use spell check?
+ocassionally (esp for those formal letters :P)

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