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lalalala.. (aih rajin plak update blog sejak dua menjak nih :P)

on June 26, 2008

Woo.. skang nih mood melepak je.. ehhe.. but at office dah rajin semula lah sket2 ehehe banding these past 2 weeks.. πŸ˜› . So at work sudah start wat kerja ngan giat kembali ehheh… Smlm half year appraisal.. boss sudah tanya.. “What happenned to my Azreen?”. πŸ˜› .. I’ve noticed that you have been very quiet lately eheheh πŸ˜› .. wooo…i laughed ( eh now i reallized i started to write in english again when I talked about work.. sighh..)

anyway, this month I’m broke again.. howwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😦 .. why?? because the claim form reached HR after the cut off date.. howaaa…I’m broke when i already planned how to use my 2 months claim.. owaaa….
hmm next month will get 3 months claim :O .. what for?? wuwuwuw.. so this month will stay put again.. wuwuwu..

anyway, smlm sudah beli beg utk hiking.. wehuuuuuuu πŸ˜€ .. Finally eheheh.. and Sarah gave me a sleeping bag as a birthday present ehehe πŸ˜€ … Gomawo chinguya… Tayah beli sleeping bag eehehe.. mekaseyy πŸ˜€ .. ouh these past few days mood nk mengulang segala mak nenek citer yang dh tgk.. starting with Nodame Cantabille (ntah btol ke tak aku eja.. malas nk check).. wuwuwu.. Chiaki senpaiiii :X:X:X ehehehhe.. then repeating “Fantastic Couple”, then few Goong episodes and now “My Lovely Samsoon”.. eheheh πŸ˜€ (yer yer… aku tade keje πŸ˜› )… Masa tgh menaip ni pon, i’m watching one of the episode of “My Lovely Samsoon”..

Came by one of the scene.. bila Samsoon menangis tgk x boyfriend bertunang (erkk.. sounds familiar.. wuwuwu).. then sham shik tanya dia..
“wae urroyo?(why are you crying?),ajikdo chuhae?(do you still love him?)…

then, samsoon jawab.. no…i was crying when i reallized there’s no such thing as eternal love..People change.. Heart changes too..
(sambil mengangguk2 kepala…yess… people change.. when people change.. heart change tooo…)

hmmm…(arghhh net down pulak.. esok je lah upload the entry yer,,,)(26th June 98 – 1.57am

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