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The Stupid,stubborn and clumsy version of Azreen – …. The price of a lesson….

on October 7, 2008

1st story….Last year, I went to the imigration to apply for the international passport ( at that time was planning to join my friend to bandung)..halfway in the waiting line, my friend called saying that the ticket   was nontransferable.(my friend’s friend cancelled the trip so i was thinking to transfer the ticket to my name..).. anyway, that’s not the main story here..

since i was already halfway in the line already, i thought, nevermind, i might as well settle up the passport application anyway.. so i did get the passport.. but… before i manage to get the passport, guess what, i lost half the passport money.. (150 sudah cicir ntah ke mana….).. so ilost rm 150 extra for the passport.. fine…. i would say tade rezeki….(walau dlm hati hanya Allah yang tahu)…

so finally, for the first time i have my very own international passport(yeah.. pity me :P)… but hey.. the pasport was gone before i get to use it.. i put the passport in my laptop bag and one day somebody decided to break in to our house and took the laptop bag to put in my brother’s PS2 in it and my passport was gone along with the PS2…….


2nd story……

Miss Azreen decided to join her friend for a trip to Jakarta and Bandung this coming November.. the plan was made about 1 or 2 months ago.. her parents (my parents) reminded me to go and apply for the passport earlier.. but being a stubborn girl as usual and not able to take leave for this matter,i ignored the reminder and decided to finally applied for the passport, YESTERDAY… So long story cut short, yesterday she got the information that she needs o fill up a form and the “suruhanjaya sumpah” or what so ever needs to verify the form… so all the details were sort out yesterday.. so from terminal 3 subang, i went to Plaza PKNS in shah Alam to get the verification…

since it was already quiete late yesterday, so i decided to come again today to settle up the applicatoion thingy.. so while reading the forms and everyhing, i just reallized that the application process for lost passport will take about 1 month to settle… ( at that time i was already a bit concern.. but thinking maybe i can try to plee for at least 1 week earlier, it should be okay since my trip is supposed to be on the 6th of november..

anyway, yesterday i got the checklist of all the documents that are needed to proceed with the lost passport application.. but being super duper “clever”, i read the list at a glance, saw that they mentioned original copy of birth certificate is needed….. but i cleverly assume, since i have IC, birth cert won’t be necessary….(yeahhhh aku pandaiii)….

so after queueing for a while, after i manage to photocopy my IC and some docs,then finally the officer said that original copy of birth cert is needed and the police report needs to be verified too… (HUHHHH?????)……

so from plaza PKNS shah alam, i drove back home in damansara damai to get the cert and then drove to Balai polis damansara,erify  to re-verify the police report and this was when i reallized i LOST MY IC……ya allah…. terkebil2…i run through the bags, the pockets, under the seat, but i can’t find it. being too anxious, i drove back home, just incase i dropped it at home earlier.. but NOOOOOOOOO.. the i/c was nowhere to be seen…

at this point i was already cursing myself and i think my face was already colourless… trying to console myself, i thot maybe the i/c was left at the PKNS imigration counter… so i drove with numb feeling to the damansara police station again and managed to get the verification …. then i drove back to PKNS shah alam ( God knows how much the toll and fuel i spent today plus the parking too..)…. praying while walking to the counter, then i asked if there was anyone who reported that they found an I/C… but the officer said NO .. at this point i don’t have any feeling to apply for the passport and go for the trip anymore….

i drove home with numb feeling again… making u turns every few junctions cos i took the wrong junctions few times( plus the heavy heavy heavy rain made the vision even worse)….

i decided to go home straight and after i calm a bit, i might go to JPN tomorrow to apply for my lost I/C… either way, i don’t have any feeling to apply for the passport anymore…

so……………. that’s the story of a very stupid clumsy girl named azreen…

2 responses to “The Stupid,stubborn and clumsy version of Azreen – …. The price of a lesson….

  1. Faa says:

    Lahai ciannya ko. Sabo yek sabo, x tau nk komen apa.

  2. eheh.. tape.. skang udah tidak berperasaan 😛

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