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on December 30, 2008

herm.. 1st and foremost.. Salam Maal Hijrah to all muslim frens… Wahaa.. nowadays the time flies on a jet.. can’t catch up anymore… The Year end is coming near too… in 2 days time.. its new year.. wohoo….,… New year!! what have I achieved this year? hermmm.. not much actually

achieved??.. increment in salary.. ahaha ( but this one is the fruit of last year wrork.. and not this year)..this year i can say that  i’ve been lazier than the year before..why? herm i think i need change… when you’ve done the repeated steps over and over again, you tend to look for different ways to do it.. or maybe different things to do… ermm.. this year i think and average rating would be more than good :P.. ahahha.. can’t bear to maintain the hectic lifesyle…(there are few other reasons why i am demotivated with my work.. but i guess that can’t be discussed here)…ouh.. anyway.. this year i’m thinking to let go certain responsibilities cos i think i’m not up to the par or should i say, i’ve been down most of the time because of the responsibilities at work? herm…let’s see.. i it will happen ….

That’s on career wise..self improvement? herm.. errr… been lazying around.. surfing and surfing practically everyday..less and less reading than before.. but hey… i’m starting to read again… this month i’ve been book shopping again… bought few books (hope i get to read all those books..)
to read listtStacking the books ehehhe… trying to make a habit of reading again at least few pages before i sleep.. ahaha latest book would be “Inkheart”.. hoping to at least finish 1st part of the trilogy before the movie release nxt month.. hohoho… ( i usually prefer book version than the movie)…let’s see too :)..

Social life.. hermm met bunch of happy people who enjoy hiking and outdoor activity more than anything…Got hooked in instantly :P.. knew them for few months only.. but the bond are great as if we have known for a long time.. that’s the magic of spending hard time for long hours in thWWRe jungle ahah…helped me a lot in achieving things i’ve never imagine i’m capable of.. Ouh.. Thank you all.. You all sure add up to my list great friends in my life 🙂

batu puteh
personal social life? ahaha..on going issue…same thing here and there…still with self esteem issue… unable to believe own self would be capable to make people like me for what i am..Anyone can help on that?certain someone in the past is now engaged and getting married i guess.wishing you all the best.. and on the note of that, i’ve decided to let bygone be bygone..we may not be friends again.. but i’ve made up my mind not to hold any grudge anymore..let’s move on..hope you are happy at that note.. ( if you happen to read this anyway)…

talking about engagement and marriage.. 1 friend of mine have just told me few days ago that she’s getting married in february… wohooo… quite a surprised news since the person been practically single and not really dating.. and here she is.. announcing the good news.. since she told i was the 1st person from the group that know.. and she needs time to announce to others.. so i won’t disclose the name here… eheheh Cik *****A… Congratulations… Waiting for announcement to others to congratulate you too.. ehhehe

okay.. the title has not been accurate now.. since this post is no longer a short one hahaha.. Wishing Everyone Salam Maal Hijrah.. and Happy New Year too… Hope this year will be better than the years before….

p/s : i have resorted not to make any resolution if we are not going to achieve it.. :P.. but hey people are allowed to dream right?? so i have few dreams i’m keeping in mind.. and hope it will at least come true.. Amin.. 🙂

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