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on January 24, 2009

two weeks back from gng hitam.. i was still scratching my ankle like madd… scratch and scratch….I hate scratching.. plus my skin will usually become red and eventually it bleeds..

never before that it itches at same place for more than 2 weeks.. and this one place was seriously weird looking than normal skin irritation.. so i decided to go and see the doc…

initial plan was to ask for a creme to overcome the itchiness..but guess what, i found out that it was actually caused by wormss….!!

wahaaa… i was worried.. thinking the thingy might decided to take a tour up the leg… wahaa.. wahaa….!!.. at that time, doc gave me pills to o kill the worm..(ubat cacing…).. and he schedule me to meet back after 3 days… and then more ubat cacing was given..and the doc even passed me the name of the worm..”Cutaneous_larva_migrans“..

Luckily with the info i found out that the worm will not be able to penetrate more than the outer skin layer..

qouted from wikipedia :

These parasites are found in dog and cat feces and although they are able to infect the deeper tissues of these animals (through to the lungs and then the intestinal tract), in humans they are only able to
penetrate the outer layers of the skin and thus create the typical wormlike burrows visible underneath the skin. The parasites apparently lack the collagenase enzymes required to penetrate through the basement
membrane deeper into the skin.

Doc offered to make an on opening on the skin to pull the worm.. being coward me, i said no thanks.. uhuhuhuh..

Road Works on the skinthe road works by ministry ofΒ  roads :P


urghhh.. just now was trying to poke the “road”.. wet.. but no wriggly thing came out.. will have a try later ; Maybee!!..

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