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poking azreen’s nerves day!

on January 28, 2009

been bz lately… with all bosses and the other TL away for cny… so basically the team is under my care… ermm… try managing a team with limited resources on holiday week…it was ok for most of the time… i’m the kind of person who don’t mind what people wanna do during BAU time.. you wanna play games? watch movies? facebooking?? fine.. go ahead… i know it’s a bit “not in the mood” working on public holidays when your office is soo soo quiet.. but when it comes to reallizing your priority in work, then people should not expect me to come and give reminder every now and then to finish up your work accordingly.. hey.. we are all adults.. i give you chances to play around at your work place.. but on 1 condition, please finish up assigned task accordingly.. or at least the urgent ones(see.. i am flexible).. so yesterday, before i went off, i reallized that some of the team members were playing network games.. in my heart i was thinking… “oh please don’t forget to clear up the urgent ones”… so this morning.. i came.. thinking i can trust my mate to finish up the job without being reminded constantly.. but hey… guess what.. i came in to office seeing red item under assignment page… wahaaa….this is the part where i hate being the person trusted with the responsibility….i hate to reprimand people.. i prefer to give pride and sense of responsibility as i believe all of us are adults..but hey, apparently, i was wrong… sighsss… so nevermind… still trying to be a bit optimistic in the morning… i sent email to all the colleagues that are working this week… simple nice email asking each team members to cooperate since i really do need the cooperation from all..so that about it.. will have to check again tomorrow.. what happen…just so i thot, that’s about it for the day, 1 team member decided to MIA.. called to check if he’s coming to office, but no reply… sighhhss.. need to reassign task… please laa… at least have mercy to inform me that you will be skiping the work today…. should do it early in the morning.. instead of almost nooon…. (be patient azreen…)… and so i went to lunch with my other colleagues.. find myself 1 nice ice creammm to sooth the heating heart :p…back from lunch… came one message from ppl from other team… seeking for help to rectify some problems.. fine with me.. since this person is someone i know… so i helped… but then this person just decided to poke my “not so good mood” by pin pointing the blame to my team.. saying that since our team is the implementer, we should have some sort of a way to track if some ammendment has been done to any ID…. wooooo… don’t go overboard boy…. i’ve helped you.. and now you are asking my work??? this is just too much….so since i was seriously not in a good mood anymore, i ended the conversation with the person, to avoid further “unnneccessary conversation”… to sum things up…. i was so pissed of that i can feel the sprain in the neck.. wahaaa… i need vacation.. want a holiday…..

2 responses to “poking azreen’s nerves day!

  1. baizah says:

    cik azreen oi.. aku nyer blog dah lama tukar la.. change link aku tu ke http://rubaizah.blogspot.com/

  2. dah ade lama aa kak bayzee… ade kat tepi tuh… “Bayzee lagik” ehehehe :P….

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