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The simple joy in life..

on February 13, 2009

Bzbzbzbzbzbzzbzbzbz… as bz as a bee as it may sound.. yeah… been very very bz lately… huhuh.not much time for out of work loitering activity such as mailing list or facebooking.. ( eeyhh but facebook i still jump from window to window while waiting the application in my pc to load AHAHAHA)..

for this week, the boss decided to make our shift half an hour earlier for the morning ppl… and since i need to assign task to the team members, i need to come another half an hour earlier than the other team members which is 7.30… hermmm…not bad… traffic still okay on the way to office.. not much traffic yet.. but yeahh.. it’s darkk hehehe.. anyway.. by right when you come in at 7.30 in the morning, your shift should end at 3.30… even if you stay back for 2 ectended hours, you can still go back at 5.30… buttt hooo… this week been staying in office for 11 hours almost everryyy dayy…. but hey…….after thinking through.. i think we should learn to be gratefull for what we have.. alhamdullillah.. at least i still have something to call a job.. whereby i get to earn some money to pay for my living….to treat my families… to go on a trip… to have fun with my friendss…

yes.. being grateful can make you a happier person… 😉 .. on a busy hectic day.. suddenly a colleague msg you and tell you that he bought an ice cream for you.. for a simple thank you token for the help you’ve willingly provide… awww…. so sweet… yeah.. there’s no need for such gesture.. a simple thank you has always been enough..but yes.. once a while… a simple gesture like that, really made your day… so i accepted the “cornetto royale” and eat it on my slow walk to a far far away car park at the office.. eheehhehe…

yess… that’s one of many simple joy in life…Just now, went to ikano and ikea with my brother, sister and cousins..after they got the “ball” for the house hamster :p , we lay park for a while in Ikea cafe.. enoying curry puffs and ice creamss..while sitting, i love to watch people walking pass by…i can see a lot kind of people… cute kiddies hugging their soft toys, parents holding their kids hand..friends walking side by side..a cleaner guy walking alone enjoying ice creamm.. from the face expressions it occured to me, people can find simple joy in many ways.. 🙂 …

i might be lacking something somewhere…yes there are days where i may feel lonely or down.. and that’s when i will ring my buddy for a quick dinner..lately i think i do that a lot.. thank you fren for all the time spent listening and sharing ehehhe.. you know who you are.. we will wait for our time to share new exciting stories.. hopefully not on sad version of the “other half” of everyone.. hope to hear good news for all of us 😉 … ehhhh…. sudah practice daily subconsious mind thingy??? :p .. i forgot!!.. so macam mana nk tahu if it works? ehehhehe… send the vibe… someone might hear the signal and wallahhh… maybe that person is the sinificant other.. :p.. tee hee hee..

for now…. i’ll settle for spending days laughing.. smiling over people who don’t mind spending their time with me… pray to The Almighty, make me as a good person..make me as an obidient creations and always be grateful for what i have….. the time will come…

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