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Lost in Interpretation

on February 16, 2009

buggyInterpretation is a very subjective issue. Different people may perceive things different from others and i think different gender perceive things differently too… People may say (esp guys) that girls are very unpredictable creatures.. i would say vice versa.. who said guys are direct creatures? yes.. i do admit girls tend to use “kiasan” or we might say, talk with all other thingy mentioned somewhere along the lines :P.. but who says guys don’t?

i might be indirect in terms of verbal action, but i think i interpret or see things directly.girls don’t go around to call or tease a person they may not like.. but guys they can do that with whoever.. seriously.. whoever.. guys, btol kan?? i mean a guy can basically flirt with any girl even if they don’t mean it..suddenly make a call on a sunday morning asking if you have eaten your breakfast or what are you doing for the weekend.accompany someone to the carpark after a day of works. herm…well..in a girl view, that might means somethings.. but since the girl don’t want to be hopefull with false hope, she would rather make an interpretation that it was random gesture easily practiced with anyone….so still thinks girls are complicated creature? talk about mixed signals :p .. go figure…

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