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on March 14, 2009

have u ever felt the feeling of being abandoned?

well that’s what i’m feeling now… i’ve always have the nature of being there for my friends.. i mean at least i tried my best to help my friends if i could..

so i don’t usually say no to friends..(not that if i can help it) … what about people who find you when they have troubles or when they have things to share, problems to sort… that kind of people?

sad when people are happy they forget you… :(… i don’t mind people being happy.. but when people tend to forget you in the process of being happy, then i’m sad.. sadd sad :(…

but anyway, maybe it’s just me.. maybe people been busy.. but these days, small things can cause big cut.. hhuuuuuuuu…

p/s :Β  ouh my.. these days every little small itsy bitsy tiny things can trigger the sadness.. whhhyyyyyy??? i need to be back on my feet again… God, give me strength..

2 responses to “Abandoned..

  1. baizah says:

    cedihnya baca… ala dont feel like that la.. maybe they are bz nowadays..

  2. eheheh. tape baizah.. slowly recovering dah ;).. sekarang saya sudah tidak kisah ehheeh.. :)…. manyak lagik mende lain nk pk ehhehe

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