uri ilgi

Stories I would like to share


on March 21, 2009

Waha.. Yana ni suke kasik lagu2 jiwa kacau… ni dh tersuka lagu ni plak..wuuuuuuuuuuuuu… lagu sedeyy nih…

verse 1
Just sitting here thinking bout
how im gonna do without, you around
in my life, and how am i ‘gonna get by
I aint got no days, just lonely nights
if you want the truth, well girl im not alright
feel outa place, and outa time
I think im gonna lose my mind

So tell me how you feel (im lonely)
are you for real (so lonely)
do you still think of me (i think of you) baby still
do you dream of me at night like i dream of you all the time(so lonely)
Oh let me tell you how it feels (it’s like everyday i die)
wish i was dreaming but its real (when i open up my eyes)
Oh let me tell you how it feels (and dont see your pretty face)
I think that i will never love again

verse 2
I miss you face, i miss your kiss
i even miss, the arguments
that we would have from time to time
i miss you standing by my side
im lying here its clear to see
there aint no you, and god knows there aint no me
dont wanna live, i wanna die
if i cant have you in my life

ohhh ohhhhhh

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