uri ilgi

Stories I would like to share

on March 25, 2009

have u ever felt a sudden feeling of emotion rush out of a sudden?? i don’t know,, suddenly i got this reality bang… that i am somehow alone.. came back from office, cancelled the adhoc dinner plan sbb malas mahu jadi crowd..  ppl need quality time.. and so i decided to be alone today….. it was all fine still… sampai rumah, pegi pasar malam, beli ape yg patut utk dinner, buy something to share with the family members..yadda yadaa.. feeling a bit dizzy or disoriented i guess..macam menong kejap.. isk.. menong tp cam half asleep, half awake..peh tuh solat, masih ok lagik…

and suddenly, bila online, ppl ask how are you, tiba2 leh rasa sedey yg tiba2?? perlu ke? and out of a sudden, the tears just came running like a free flow waterfall with no limit issued.. Why??? this was not because the same reason why i cried few weeks back, i think that issue is now considered another chapter in my life.. I guess so..

this time, i seriously don’t know why…lonely sangat ke?? huuuu… have u felt it?

you got all those many ppl online in your YM.. yes.. many many, but you don’t feel like clicking any of the name..just stare.. ouh at least there’s someone who remembered to click and ask how is it going on… sorry, seriously the reality just hit out of a sudden.. erk? eh.. reallized the reality long time ago.. but why it hurts this time?

ouh suddenly i feel left out.. not anyone mistake.. just my own heart aches :)..

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