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on April 10, 2009

herm.. today i feel like writing something…things been clogging my head for few days.. but when it comes to post, all the pouring thoughts seems stuck somewhere… herrmm…

people have all sort of ideal ideas of what kind of person they like, how tall, how sweet, gentleman, beautiful, slim, cute and so on. some people go to the extend where they refuse to settle down unless they find the one and only, the one that suits all the criteria. questions, is there such person? personally i would say noooo… cos humans are made with flaws.. that’s Allah’s arrangement.. basically no one is perfect.. NO ONE… NONE….

and then, comes another question, so if you are given a choice, between good looks and good nature, which one w ill u choose? yeah and so i’ve heard so many times, ppl will say good nature is the better choice… and yet ppl will still fall for the earlier option.. its human nature…

what about those ppl who have such list of the person he/she likes, however fall for something/ someone that’s not even near the list? ahaha.. worst still when u don’t see any future or hope there but yet hearts chose the path..

there was this one saying that goes something like ” you can keep things out of the mind but keep it out of heart is another story”… here comes my final question for the day,Β  so how do you move someone from your mind when it won’t leave your heart? :p..

nitee πŸ™‚

9 responses to “Ironic…

  1. baizah says:

    how ekk? try to think all the bad things that he had done to u.. and try to think that u will ruin ur life if stay with him coz he is a jerkkk… ahahah.. bole gitu? tp jodoh yg di tetapkan tu adalah jodoh yg di kurniakan oleh Allah kpd kita… so jodoh itu la yg terbaik utk kita… x yah ikut list2 ni.. mengarut je… yg penting he must love u because without love apa pun x berguna… ada duit pun tp ati x bahagia nak wat apa kan.. but jgn la pilih yg pokai gila.. pilih la yg sederhana semuanya… yg bole beri kebahagiaan pd kita dgn memberi cukup kasih sayang, makan, pakai, perlindungan…. x gitu ?? eheheh

  2. herrmm memang.. aku pon tade aa jenis wat2 list nk kene org gini org gitu.. entry ni cam general queries ehehhee… kenapa ade org, jenis yg sgt memilih, nk kene gitu gitu gitu jugak…. walaupun yg gitu tuh selalu wat sakit ati.. tp nk gak yg gitu heehhee…

    and yes btol kalo aku cukuplah sekadar yg sederhana, yg boleh melengkapkan kita…yg boleh tumpang gembira dan sedih ;)….

    p/s : rajin hang melawat blog aku yg banyak merapu ek… thanks for the comment… ku melawat gak blog anda smlm tpi tato nk komen ape… sronok org tuh hubby dia nk balik hari nih πŸ˜‰

  3. iryani says:

    my two cents- here goes….
    the most important part of all is heart…then..the next will be are u comfortable enough with each other?You can be exactly who you are in front of this other person. If the man/woman of your dream(from the list u made-lah) force you to behave differently due to lots of reason (kire kene control la) I strongly believe thats not your best choice. He/She have to fall for the ‘real you’ – vice versa.

    And then..the matter of logic vs heart. The ‘hardest’ part of all. Sometimes your logic says he’s no good.He lack that that.But your heart wanna stay. So what shld you do? Can heart & mind be on the same wavelenght(cakap senang buat susah yang amatt!). I guess this is when fate plays it roles. And our heart can be the hardest, the stern one but yet sometime flexible as rubber.
    I believe when fate & destiny comes knocking your door.The “right one” will SHINE THROUGH.Insya Allah. πŸ™‚

  4. iryani says:

    Q – here comes my final question for the day, so how do you move someone from your mind when it won’t leave your heart? :p..


    A – You don’t.Time will help.

  5. :P says:

    just smile & roll with it!

    ps: aku nak balik wei, rindu nak trekking &
    nak makan roti canai & teh tarik!

    *org jauh

  6. hullo encik tongue sticker.. ehehhe.. baru hilang 2 minggu sudah rindu teh tarik ke?? πŸ˜›

    p/s : sila balik dan demo how i can roll with it hehheh πŸ˜›

  7. yani.. yes yes.. i agree :)..

  8. :P says:

    go read a book called “don’t be sad”. it works for me tho.

    p/s: amsterdam superb!

  9. aboi.. thanks ;).. will find it then…

    p/s : great to hear that u are having a great time..

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