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ouh puhleasee lah!!

on April 29, 2009

just to think of it again, it makes me mad.. how self obsess can a person be to the extend that person can think that someone might be working very hard for them….

i’ve been working hard to be fit again not because of someone else.. it’s purely for me, me and me….. so please lah jgn perasan… who do you think u are?? u don’t even treat me honestly but yet still think u deserve such hard work from me? yes i like you.. and i told u..it’s not easy for me to be honest on such issue.. and so, please do not trample on my pride…don’t go about and tell ppl this and that… i have my pride.. do not test it… i have my limit..

Jogging session are purely to get me ready for July – Medan-acheh trip… it will be tough for me cos i will be climbing 4 mountains in few days….and that’s 1 of the main reason why i need to be fit.. because i don’t want to burden my friends..

as i have mentioned in previous entry, yes i’m working hard towards my goal… Reason? i have confident issue and i need to work on it..Β  self assurance is what i need… and that cannot be given by anyone else but me, me, me and me.. ony me… and because of that, i’m working only for me cos i deserve something better.. i believe it that way.. πŸ™‚

for now, just move with flow.. i don’t want to keep grudge to anyone.i take it as another journey that God has line up for me….. be happy and let it be… wish me all the best frens… huhuhu

3 responses to “ouh puhleasee lah!!

  1. amie says:

    weh..hg pi medah-acheh semata2 panjat gunung ka?
    x dak pi round2 ka? semangat gila..good luck yer..

  2. haah.. g medan acheh semata nk mendaki.. hohoho… pengsann

  3. - says:

    carpe diem! chin up & smile.


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