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A stroll~

on May 14, 2009

dalja end

Actually nk wat entry ni dr 2 hr lepas.. tp 2 hr lepas connection sgt lah terukk.. smlm pon gitu2.. then ngantuk :p… bila sampai hr nih dh lupa ape nk tulis ahahah. so i think i’ll just write anything that crosses my mind now.

~monthly “visitor”, flu and not fully recovered knee are not the best companion for a jog in the park.. So last monday, i ended up walking in the park :P.well at least i did have some sweat ahahaha..

~so while walking few round in the park, i had some moment alone… erkkkss…..thinking this and that, the usual.. (no need to elaborate).. and then suddenly teringat… “some one is getting married” end of this month… urgghh.. why?? why that person get to move on earlier than you? ouh selfish question it seems… but i’m only human who have thoughts here and there…hermm.. let’s just say, everything happen for a reason.. wishing “that” person happiness ahead..

~ after walking session, fetched my sis, met yani for “chicken chop” dinner.. (ade ke org tuh tiba2 nk ciken cop :P… tape layankan aje ehheehh :p)

~then… yesterday met sahab for zanmai session.. thank you cik lindeq.. kesian ku yg pokai eheheh.. pestaim ku makan itu salmon.. (mind you , am not a fan of sushi…the only few that i dare to try were crabmeat and eggs.. ahaha).. but yesterday sudah try salmon.. ermss.. not bad :P..

~cik yan yg bz je sentiasa (bila dia tak kuar date :p), tk pat join zanmai session.. so being a “good” friend, i said, once you finish work, if you think you wanna have dinner, come and join us, we will have coffee and you can eat :P..that is not the main story here… eheheh.. so after dinner, sahab and i went to the babies corner to find some “pressie” for my friend newbown..(haiih skang musim newborn aa plak)..while in jusco, yani called saying she will be there in about 5 minutes top.. so i said meet me in Jusco..

~masih tak sampai, we decided to go to the ladies and said,, meet me near the “optical shop” near jusco entrance.. masih tidak sampai.. called again..

“anda di mana?”

“ouh, itu entrance jusco satu lagik.come to the other entrance”

~masih tidak sampai.. ku call lagik

“herm.. anda di mana?”
Teddy tales
“erk.. ade teddy tales ke kat level 2?”
ade nih…
“erk,.. mana ade teddy tales..tape.. toysRus tak jauh kan? you wait for me there.. ku datang sekejap”

~Depan ToysRus..

“mana anda??”
Depan ToysRus laa..
“erk.. tade pon… japppppp… soklan… anda di mana???? anda g jusco mana nih??”
midvalley kan??

“oh my godd… we are in one utama lah.. patut ku rasa musykil je nape tak nampak org yg menunggu depan ToysRus”

begitulah sedikit sebanyak kisah lawak di mlm hr ahahahhhaa πŸ˜›

Ended up, cik yan kuar the gardens parking and joined us in One U aahahaha… Lepak Old Asia.. nyam nyamm dap soupp…

Tgh Yani menikmati kuetiau sup sedap, the fire alarm made the special appearance… but everyone else seems relax, only us yg macam “eh eh, fire drill ke?”

Hampir2 cik yan nk lari kuar bawak bowl kuetiau sup aahahahah πŸ˜› (you can imagine? :p)


enough stories for the whole week HAHAHAHA..


: I may not seem how i may seem..
: Working hard to be happy is sometimes tiring πŸ˜›
: SO close…. yet so far!… sigh~~~~

Lupa… gambar atas adalah sekadar hiasan :p..
what i like about walking in the park~~ I Like it when I see elder couples walking together in the park…. ( I wish there will be my significant other who will stay sweet and lovely till the end of time… ~~)

nuff said.. nite… huhu

3 responses to “A stroll~

  1. Iryani says:

    wes..baru terniat..belom buat lagi yer :P!

  2. Iryani says:

    so how? undangan aku sabtu petang ni kene tolak mentah mentah ke?

  3. lalalal…to dlm keadaa yg sgt lapar hrtuh mmg ade kemungkinan anda akan bawak lari bowl tuh kalo bebetol ade fire drill :p eheheheh

    yerlah wat proposal time ekonomi gawat.,… mmg aa awal2 kene reject :p

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