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Sessi bazir masa

on May 18, 2009

semlm sessi jenjalan dan makan2 bersama rakan2 :P. guess what, our lunch was super cheap.. but then 2 hours after lunch, we had our “treats” session… DESSERTSS… and it cost us almost double the lunch cost ahahaha… (oopss.. i cheated today:P.. but hey i don’t mind hheheeh)…

Later at night, i went for “angels and demons” – office sports club organised the event..guess what, i thot the movie starts at 9 so i ended up waited for half an hour more in front of the entrance… kalo tak leh jenjalan kat borders lama sket with my friends..

anyway, Angels and Demons was great.. Great twist, great story.. thumbs up for writer Dan Brown :D…

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