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the haunting

on May 18, 2009


nope.. this is not a ghost story and it’s not even scary too..

just something been haunting my head, my mind and my thoughts.. haunting is rather a strong word.. but what would you call something that won’t leave your mind? no matter how bad you want to ignore it…. or when you managed to partially forget about it,then it suddenly appear out of nowhere and “parade” ‘itself’ on your head?

i am tired.. yes i am..

p/s : (not related to above issue) – i received a wedding invitation card from “someone” yesterday… maybe it was sent out of courtesy… my head is empty.. i don’t want to think about anything… been bz today so haven’t thought about much lately..

3 responses to “the haunting

  1. baizah says:

    ur time will come..

  2. 🙂 …insyaAllah…

  3. Sarah says:


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