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Day Dreaming

on June 13, 2009


Too much Drama is not good for you…Yeahh.. not good.. not good.. :P.. you will be in a dreamy unrealistic world :p.. where you dream of unrealistic dream.. ahaaha.. you start having impossible hope of sweet nothingness :P… arghhh… so sad.. so pathetic.. i would say, time off from reality teeheehee.. anyway, it’s been 1 /2 weeks since i stopped watching “Boys Over Flower”.. Lee Min Ho/ Gu Jun Pyo is just too good to be true :p..Anyway, who can resist a Tall Handsome Charming looking guy with a sweet smile? aahha.. I can’t.!!.. Adoih… sakit lagik….

Does having a dream and hope is so sinfully bad? arghhh..This is sick..I am sick..not on Boys Over Flower, but on something else… hermm…. I have taught myself, since i was young… very young, that if you want things bad enough, and you work hard on it, you can get it.. So how can you unteach yourself that sometimes, not all things are reachable by working hard?

I’ve learn to dream.. i’ve learn to let go…i’ve had hopes, i’ve had dreams…but the hardest of All, is letting go things that you have hoped and dream for sooo long…

what about things that you said you have forgotten, or things that you lied to self saying that you have forgotten?

ouh i’m talking nonsense. this is what you get when you have delayed updating your blog for a long time…

ouh i miss someone….. howaaaaa… :-S

4 responses to “Day Dreaming

  1. neempa says:

    i think i’m quite amused of you sounding like you’ve been desperate…

    but i’m not insulting you or something..

    it’s just…i’ve always felt that way over and over again..

    and until now..lee min-ho still isn’t out of my senses..
    though a lot of people including myself had already spotted blemishes on him as an overnight star..

    they..or you can say:I, just can’t stand his awesomeness!![if he really is..]

    xp. [just wanted to say something]

  2. ahhah.. nice of you to drop by.. even though i don’t know who you are.. ehhehe.. how did you happen to cross by here ayway?
    nah… lee min ho is something.. but i’m kinda in a mixed mood right now that an entry on day dreaming led to something else that’s bene bothering my mind ahhaha..

    anyway, do drop by again if you feel like commenting something else ahahha…

  3. jehan najib says:

    hi azreen…
    jehan ni. saja drop by say hi.. lama tk jmpa hek?
    hope u’re doing fine there…

  4. Hi Jehan, ehehe.. haah, lama tk jumpa… i’m fine.. thanks for asking…how about you? :).. bila nk kenduri?

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