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Heonja isso…..

on June 26, 2009


ouh it’s been a while… not much things happened.. at least not the exciting ones or worth to talk about..

so what happen recently? I turned 27.. huhuhuh.. still a bit dreadful at times..still a loner.. what else?

A year older… but not sure if I am a year wiser..

Went to bali, spent few days.. hermmm yet I’m not in the mood to talk about burfdays or vacations especially not today .. i’m in a loner mood.. don’t feel like interacting with anyone.. don’t feel like replying…just feel like sopping.. ouh pathetic.. again in pathetic mood..

I was okay or rather happy earlier of the days… Gave Bali present and souvenirs to friends and closed ones.. so glad that someone liked it.. ouh I really really bought the thing with careful thoughts.

Again someone repeatedly told me someone liked the present.. so I was glad.. was a bit okay through out the day, until a walk back home.. and so I heard something abut someone… As always, will always make a mental note, that I don’t mind… or so I’ve been trying to lie again… I don’t mind.. yeah I supposed not to mind..

Planned to have a quick dinner alone.. but then dreading the idea of eating alone..so cancelled.

Had some thoughts.. oh I am bad..is it bad to be selfish once a while? it’s tiring to be giving all the times kan? Can i be at the receiving end once a while? sighs…

Stopped by the grocery store, bought some fast dinner, switch on the oven, and throw everything inside.. was still fine then… a bit down but was okay I assume.

Went online, watch movie, run through ppl status, saw something… then assuming as always…relating to 1st news and assuming again… hermm.. damn… why should I do that? Now all the morning, noon, evening light hearted are totally gone.. and its replaced by a sudden teary eyes… urgh.. I hate this part..

Why am I blabbing here? Cos as I said earlier, I’m in a loner mood tonight, all the things I’ve planned to share with anyone or someone are no longer happy thoughts..

And why when I finally write something here it has to be pathetic situations???

2 responses to “Heonja isso…..

  1. - says:

    where’s my bali present?


  2. Bali present? hehehehe.. we’ll see :P… ni nama pon tade nih ahhahaha :p

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