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Smirk, Smile, Grins

on June 29, 2009

:)… Despite I am voiceless today, i came to work smiling :).. hehehe..

ouh despite my serious appearance (serious ke? :p), i would say simple things can make me smile easily… but simple things can make me frown easily too.. I am easily touched by itsy bitsy tiny details..

these few days, few things (small things) happened that made me smile.. few things happened that made me cry too..Flattery can sometimes makes you grins the whole day, but then too much flattery makes you wonder whether it’s real or pure flattery with no hint of sincerity…and so i choose to ignore…

Jealousy is the spice of life.. but jealosy that came out of nowhere is somtehing rather funny (smiles :p).. someone made a hunch that made me wanna laugh.. but hey today i am voiceless so i will just smile with amusement hahaha 😛

ok.. gotta go for lunch… till then, cherioss

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