uri ilgi

Stories I would like to share


on July 1, 2009


Woke up early this morning, but refuse to go to work early.. so opened my laptop, watch some “House” series, update some stuff and then get ready to work..

With all these jobs done, at the same time the head was clouded with so many words that came out (out of nowhere?).. err.. let’s just say, i have a habit of composing a story or rather a plan of letters or something simillar when i have something burden in mind.. And that was why i have this blog in the 1st place.  but this time, the words are not meant for general viewers.. it’s meant for someone else.

Problems, i don’t think i’m supposed to compose these words. However, the words are now too clouded and crowded i think i might start doing something…i might.. i might..

walked to office with same thoughts.. and so before my work hour starts, i wrote this entry…. hermmm

~clouded me~

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