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on July 1, 2009

Have u ever felt stupid ? U know u are not supposed to be doing that thing, but yet, you do it and then can’t help but feel stupid?  Today.. err actually not just today but on many other day as well. Why? U know u are not supposed to do that thing, and yet you do it ; following your brainless heart.. and in the end, u felt like sooooo stupid, and why u did the thing in the 1st place.

How can people teach the heart rather than teach the mind?

Urghh.Why would people feel concern on something they are not supposed to feel concern about?

Am I asking too much? No, am not asking a return of favor in everything that I do, just maybe once a while…it would be nice if you get something without asking J..

Ouh.. it would be nice if I have someone to just to be at the side, while I have my much needed hot soup..

Dream on…..

2 responses to “huhuh

  1. baizah says:

    sometimes kita mmg camtu kan… follow more on our heart rather than our mind…. too emotional… cepat melatah…. uhuhuhu…

  2. yerp.. bila follow heart, then pk balik nape wat cenggituh? tuh yg jd cam alaaaaa…. napelah bodoh sgt g wat mende tuh… huhuhu.. tu je lah masalahnye

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