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E.M.S.S again

on July 7, 2009

I am what I am.. I talk when i feel like talking, I’d rather say cold harsh reality to people then regret it, rather than keeping it and yet regret about it too.

and so because of my so called nature, i tend to say what i feel about something /someone (usually the bad thing, things i don’t like) and then feel bad about people.. feel bad.. then regret..  same goes when i scold my brother, then looking at his sad face, i will feel sad… so that’s how i was feeling this morning..

i can’t do my work properly.. then plus all the emails, MA and all other work related problem.. so i became blur… that’s when i call “menong” session. I don’t do well with guilt. Esp when I do something towards dear to heart ppl(friends, families, etc).

ouh but then, i learn new info later in the afternoon… and so, since the person doesn’t seem to care, why should i feel bothered? right?

p/s :  How  you treat people, then that’s how people will treat you back..

p/s lagik : but why i still feel sad and down?? hermmm….

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