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ouh laziness

on July 16, 2009

ouh… mahu update blog also lazy…

mahu kemas beg ke acheh also lazy…

mahu taip pasal update blog and kemas beg also lazy… haiiiihhh…..

can i talk about it and someone please type for me?? can? i guess not..

so what’s there to write anyway? plenty…. there are plenty of things i want to write.. i want to but haven’t been able to..

previous matter is long gone i hope… i hope.

all ppl are selfish.. yerp all..that’s why ppl say, no one is interested about other’s story but themselves.. but hey, in life we learn to give and take.. :)..

flattery…i don’t do well with flaterry words.. i will always take it as words minus the sincerity.. hermm…too much.. then it becomes unreal…

trust… am stil learning to trust ppl..not that i don’t trust anyone.. but there are some things in some parts, where i find it hard to believe what ppl say.. same goes with flattery, i find it’s hard to digest and believe.. so when u can decide which one you can trust then? sighh.. i believe, too much trust, will then hurt you..

can anyone, like anyone, without knowing the person? how can ppl easily say “i like u” when they don’t even know the person? i find it rather silly… as much as i would like to believe it, i still feels that it’s silly.. then it comes back to trust issue…

so…… all come back to one issue.. trust..waa.. now to think of it properly, it is the issue….

p/s : come back to the topic, i still haven’t pack my things .. tomorrow’s flight has been delayed to the day after… argghh.. no mood to do the packing… tomorrow then… tomorrow..huhuhu

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