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on July 31, 2009

DSC07884ouhhh…. have been opening the blog page for few days.. and yet no words came out.. wanted to share the journey to the 3 peaks in Acheh and Medan… :)… maybe later… this is the view from Burni Telong Peak….

ouh.. it’s so cold….so cold… but the view is~~~ MARVELOUS..~~.. beyond words :)… ouh.. u should see the pictures of happy couples who reached the peak together…. then u get a pang in the heart.. ahahaha :P… or maybe it’s just me.. :)…

tunggu lah.. bila rajin nk update… hope i won’t forget the journey detail..


p/s : do you believe that anyone could possibly like anyone without knowing about the person they like?

to me it’s nonsense.. what say you?
P7210897gambo tade kene mengena ngan p/s :P… gambo pinjam dr abg jusz… sbb ade nampak ku on the way nk naik puncak sinabung Sibayak.. ;).. guess which one is me? ahahha 😛

2 responses to “emptiness~~

  1. marina says:

    errr blue one or red one? tak aciiiii aaaaa =p tak nmpk muka pun…

  2. yg hijau eheheh 😛

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