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3 Peaks in SUmatera- part 1- Burni Telong ^_^

on August 5, 2009

ouh… i seriously need to start jotting the event.. Before all the details become too blurry :p.. hehee..

16th July 09 – the planned trip is now postponed.. Reason?? Air Asi* decided to cancel the journey to Acheh.. and postponed to the next day.

17th July 09 – we were supposed to be in LCCT latest by 9.30.. planned to meet yani to pinjam the universal adapter from someone :P..since I was rushing, I took the bus the i saw when i reached the station.. the bus moved as soon as i was on it… Cik Yan arrived at almost the same time.. but missed the bus. aiihhh.. tak dapat lah adapter.. so later i bought it on the plane.. (lesap uwangg huhuhuhu)

Checked in.. flight again… delayed.. aiiihhh…. frustrated.. When we arrived in Acheh, i was a bit surprised to see the airport condition.. mmg “cowboy” version ehheheh.. we met our guide for acheh trip, the rep of GAINPALA.. went sightseeing around Banda Acheh.. had dinner, then went off to Takengon.. we basically slept all the way.. it was around 6 hours trip from banda Acheh to Takengon.. wahaa…

18th July – Arrived in Takengon..(or maybe somewhere nearby Takengon.. ehhehe) the vans stopped in a hot spring area.. some of us went for a hot bath, while some of us lazing around and got prepared for the hike in Burni Telong, later in the evening. Before we wen’t to Burni Telong, we went for a sight seeing..

We then set off to the starting point of Burni Telong.. From far, i can see how steep the peak looks like… Worry started to set its pace in the heart.. wahaa.. ku cuakkk… tape2.. layan je.. i can’t recall the time when we started to hike, but it was around noon.. (this is why i need to start jotting down as soon as i came back :P)..

The early journey, we passed by some “kebun”, then we reached the “pintu Rimba” and the jungle track started..starting, i was thinking.. “eh.. track lebey kurang track kat malaysia nih!”.. I was walking with Nisa(my contract walking buddy in the jungle.. eheheheh :p).. so we walked and we walked and we walked for about 2 and half hours i think..Suddenly we heard voices.. i thought it was one of those “take 5 stops”. but to our relief, it was the campsite.. Yeay…

so early verdict – oklah track.. :P… then from campsite, we cam see the peak very clearly. i became worried again.


After dinner, we had some “suai kenal” session, with “hangat” session tentang gossip terkini :p.. After session, we slept and woke up around 3 am..

19th July 09 – everyone got ready..and we set off to Burni Telong peak at about 3.30 in the morning.. woo wooo… it was cold..up we go.. i was walking just behind Amad.. keeping my pace.. praying i won’t cause any road blocks :P.. ehhehe.. it was windy at times.. we felt the chill..brrr brrr.. sejukk..

one time, Amad asked us to stop and off all the lights and look at the sky…we can see the “kabus” the clouds… (or so i thot hehehe).. Nevertheless the view was unforgettable.. wuhuuuuu.. we walked again.. until we reached the”gua”.. all of us stopped fo a rest… it was freezing .. (nothing new there i guess eheh..) i need to be used to this kind of environment.. woowooo…

after about half an hour rest, we set off to the peak. it was said to be half an hour journey to get to the peak..I was thinking, if the whole trip up to the peak is similar to what i’ve been through earlier, then i have hope to reach the peak without burdening my friends.. Ouhh.. i thot too early.. As soon as we started back the journey, there was an obstacle.. waa…mini wall climbing… the part where most of the gang have no problem going through… but i was stuckk.. wuuuu :(.. after some help from friends, i managed to get through… ouh ouhh…. after that part, i was quiet.. Maybe because i was a bit ashamed.. and maybe because i was practically walking alone up the peak after that…some of the friends were at the “mini wall climbing” area.. so afraid i would be a bit slow, i set off to the peak on my own pace.. Since I was walking alone, i was taking my time to choose the path to take.. yeah it was straight forward.. but i need to choose the path where i can easily step on.. so i chose the one further from the valley ahahahha (takuttttt)..and yeahh.. Soon enough I reached the peakkk!!!…

The feeling was indescribable.. i’ve made it… 1st Peak in Sumatera.. 1st peak outside Malaysia :)…
DSC07889After enjoying our moments on the peak, we moved down the peak.. Just as i set foot to go down, the wind was blowing rather strong… wahaaa… i was a bit  worried to make a move..but i need to move.. “takkan nk stay atas peak forever? sejuk wehh :P”.. so i was moving a bit slow down the mountain.. the wind was adding the feel of “gayat” (ahaha boleh ke?).. as soon as i reached the “mini wall climbing” zone, i was worried again.. wuuuuu….with help, i managed to go down the wall..and then down we go.. down we go….

reached the campsite, pack up and we went down.. and so that was pretty much my experience up and down “Burni Telong”…

we will continue on the journey to Medan – Sibayak and Sinabung 😀

5 responses to “3 Peaks in SUmatera- part 1- Burni Telong ^_^

  1. :P says:

    kudos! clap, clap..

  2. ahhaaha.. tq tq :)… kene upgrade stone climbing up and down techniques plak :p ahahah

  3. Almut says:

    Hi, I am planning to climb Bukit Mugajah in the next two weeks or so. Can you tell me where the trail start? And is it well-defined and easy to follow all the way to the top?

    Any info would be much appreciated!!!!


  4. Almut says:

    Sorry, I meant Burni Telong… got a bit confused with all the mountains I want to climb 😉

  5. saya sudah tidak berapa ingat.. tapi kami mendaki dengan bantuan GAINPALA dari Acheh sebagai guide kami..
    utk laporan lebih terperinci, mungkin boleh baca di sini 🙂 —> http://www.ogkl.com.my/l09TAMa.htm

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