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on August 7, 2009

adoih laaa ini lappie… mogok aa plak.. keep on shutting down due to overheating i suspect… huhuhu.. dia lagi selalu shut down bila org nk sangat2 pakai,, or bila org in the middle of a conversation…

beside laptop story… what’s new to share? nothing much.. there are bits of everything or something.. bits by bits.. but i don’t feel like telling.. not anyone.. cos i feel bored..

what’s the point of telling people on such story if it’s just short moment? hah… yeah.. there are few things i feel like sharing…but then now i think i’m reserving my life story.. hohohoh 😛

what’s there to tell if your story, compared to others might be less intresting and exciting? right?

ouh well…

p/s : nanti lah sambung kisah sumatera… macam nk tdo.. sbb BOSAN.. ahahah (pathethic mode)

One response to “adoih

  1. mastura says:

    boring ker…
    cite la kisah2 di tpm..nk tau jgk perkembangn nye huhu

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