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3 Peaks in Sumatera- Part 2- Sibayak.. ^_^

on August 17, 2009

19th July 09 – Down from Burni Telong, we went for the search of a place to mandi ahahaha… We’ve been in the state of “not bathing” for 2 days i think.. since the day we arrived in Acheh i guess πŸ˜› hehehe.. so our guide brought us to a river… SO we “mandi manda” for a while.. then we began the loooooonng journey from Acheh to Medan… it was said to take around 10 hours.. wooooooo… imagine.. 10 hours sitting in a van after the journey up and down the mountain? ehhehe.. it was “bump” testing… hihihi :p.. sakit belakang, buttocks.. and all.. ehhhe :P..

the journey to medan finally ended when we arrived in Medan at around 3 am in the morning i guess. we stayed in a hotel and had a sleep and in the morning we got ready to for a short tour in Medan..

20th July 09 – “Jalan-Jalan” session in medan.. Actually it was more to “jalan2 carik kedai outdoor” session ehehhe.. but since it was “hari liburan” (holiday) in Medan, so many of the shops are closed that day.. we finally found one, and we bought some of the stuffs and we had breakfats at the across the road shop :P. Finding halal food in Medan was a challenge too :)..

after we got some of the stuff that we need ( the shop was small so there are some stuff that we were unable to find), we headed back to hotel, pack up all the things and got ready.we had our briefing.. and suddenly…. the “puteri sibayak” told us that the planned 45 mintues hike to Sibayak will actually take 4-5 hours …wahaaaaa.. reason gave was that no transport can go up to the starting point and so we need to walk from the bottom .. hoh.. Can you imagine.. the initial idea was 45 minutes and then suddenly it multiplies by almost 10 times?.. mental… every one were literally down.. and i was like.. hurmmmmmmmm.. 5 hourss?? sighh.. but i did not say anything… “layan je lah””…

after the disappointing news, we headed to the bus stop to take a bus to Brastagi.. Where we will start our hike to Sibayak and Sinabung… wooohhh.. Brastagi is a highland with cool weather.. something similar to our Cameron Highland… we went for a short shopping walk.. then pack up, leave the unneeded stuff in a hotel room we booked for the bags.. and off we went.. at the starting point, we ate our own packed lunch .. (get ready for the loooooooooooongg journey).. but then, our beloved president managed to negotiate with some of the drivers to send us half way to the junction… yippieee…. .and because of that, we managed to cut 4 hours duration of the trip πŸ˜› eheheheh just by taking 20 minutes drive up the mountain.. huahuahua…. yippiee…

so after the drivers dropped us at the junction, we started tracking.. at that time, we don’t actually know how long did we need to track.. so i was just walking aimlessly :P.. walk and walk and walk….. penat!!.. tracking up and up… walk..and walk.. the day started to get dark….. so we walk and walk again.. glad to seee ppl stopping every now and then to breath..glad cos i can join to take rest too :P…… walk and walk and walk.. and then after about half an hour walk, i heard that we have arrived… ahahhha… wah… “sekejap je trek nih”.. ouh.. apparently, we have reached the 1st campsite :P.. not the peak.. ahahahah and so, since it was still early, we decided to move and camp somewhere near the peak…

so we continue walking… for about another 20 minutes i guess.. and we reached the campsite.. which was 10 minutes hike to the peak.it was cold..and it was smelly ahahha.. the smell of sulfur was quite strong…

————————–to be continued…. saya mengantuk :p——————-

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