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on August 25, 2009

At 1st thought, i was thinking to put the title post as “Liar”.. then thinking.. what did the liar do to be the centre of the subject of the post? hehehe

what do you think about peple who hides the truth? Some people may say that, people hide the truth to avoid conflict.. some may say, to “jaga hati”.. i will say, they want to save their *ss ..

I will take that hiding the truth is infact one of a way of lying.. Hey.. if you are sincere on knowing anyone, why would you hide the fact about yourselves right? it’s not like in the end ppl will never ever know about the plain truth… so why not come clean and be honest?

ouh well.. don’t really care.. those who does not possess the guts to do so, is not worth your time to ponder on ;)..

so i end my post with 1 question to ponder upon…. What do you think about a man who is married but then hide the truth about “that” main fact ?

People may say.. you don’t ask.. that’s why i did not tell.. I will say.. Bulls**t.. hahaha :p

p/s : ouh.. ape nk buat di waktu lunch selama 3 minggu nih? nk dok kat cubie selalu2 takut boss panggl soh wat keje plak..

8 responses to “Fuuh

  1. marina says:

    a cowardly small hearted man..he would’ve come clean if he wanted to…
    p/s: gi lah surau..ngaji ke…hehehehe…

  2. yer… mmg kan?

    p/s : haah.. g surau bagus gak kan.. tp tulah.. selalu time2 ginih surau penuhhhhhhhh.. bukan ngan org ngaji.. tp ngan org tdo :p… ni bape hr nih perati sejadah penuh plak kat surau.. ehehe selalu kosong šŸ˜›

  3. marina says:

    ikhh..susah gak kan camtu…kitaorg ni kalo tido kat tmpt sendirik je…tarik kusi tepi tingkap, beratur ramai2, sandar dgn beshnye, shawl tutup muka & tidoooo…hehhehehe…kat surau normally bgla org2 yg peknen tido…kesian diaorg…& tmpt ade lagi nk solat/ngaji pun…so ok lgla…

  4. ehehe tu lah.. so kite skang ni srf net je lah bila time lunch.. bukak blog kawan2.. tp manyak sumer citer pasal anak2.. citer pasal kisah isteri2 ehehheeh… :P…. baca je lah.. kadang2 besh gak.. tp cam.. wahh.. ku ketinggalan ketapi jauh nih ahahah :”>

  5. marina says:

    hehe..normallah tu…layan jelah…kite suka tulis pasal experience & observation hari2…pasal citer pasal family & share pix…kat emel je le…

  6. Iryani says:

    coward man a like that. Kalau suka …cakap and please dont keep ‘important information’ away. He shld have known where he stand and come clean like marina said

    I am pleased that this thing finally revealed itself.

  7. Iryani says:

    and this kind of man shld be chuck out of the window…

    awat aku emotional sangat ni weih…my bad šŸ˜›

  8. ahhaa.. kenapakah anda yg emo plak nih?? adekah kisah di sebut ade terkait? ehhehehe :p

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