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on August 28, 2009

It’s not good to sigh.. It’s as if you are not grateful enough for what you have..

But I am tired.. huhuhu.. You came in the office and just as soon as you put your butt on the chair in front of the pc, your boss caleld you and asked on certain issue.. Haiiihhh.. Give me a break.. i need to catch the breath after walking from a far away car park.. hermm…

i don’t feel like working today.. When there are just too many issues to handle, you tend to drop and ignore all.

By the way… enough of this de-motivating issues.. Yesterday, we had a buka puasa session with the gurls.. ahahaha.. Makan nye tak banyak.. but we had a good laugh..

Isu berbangkit?? Kad undangan.. who’s next HAHAHA… pathetic? ehhehe.. no lah.. we just had a good laugh.. i don’t know why… but my life revolves around a group of single awesome gals who happen to be single still ahahah :P..talking about peer pressure, i would say not so much pressure yet cos all of us are still single and enjoying the single life.. (enjoy ke?) eehehe.. well maybe there are times where we might sigh together on the story of the running train that we keep on missing from time to time.. ahahaha (you know what i mean :p),Β  but hey as i said since all of us are basically on the almost similar level of “singilarity” (ahaha ade ke perkataan tuh? ), i can still breath easily and laughed together with them ehehhe..

So, why are these great women still single? ntah :p… for my side i would say i still can’t find the one that appreciate me who for i am.. (wah!) ke sebenarnye tade org nak kat kite?? this i agree every single day.. huhuhu.. or in a much “nice to hear version”, belum sampai jodoh Wahahaha.. (ok.. now i feel this post is getting sadder :p.. buekkk)

but hey.. i have great friends who in my point of view have good job,Β  good figure.. nice looks.. but why these ppl are still single? .. only Him knows what’s in store for us.. Hope it’s the best for all.. Amin.. πŸ™‚

P/s :Β  we basically cater the voice of teh restaurant last night ahahah… the other table was quite quiet and so we just mind our own business and make it like our own place eheheh :p..

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