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This Has got to stop

on October 6, 2009

What??Ā  After raya, i have been eating like i have never been eating for so long… adoihhh…. i think i have gained back the weight that i lost few months back even b4 Ramadhan…so… i am trying to force myself to remind my ownself….to eat oly when i am hungry and of course to eat the correct food..

ouh anyway, this week i have decided to fast for these 2 weeks,, puasa ganti and Sunat Syawal….but.. since i will be going for a hiking trip in 2 weeks time, i need to jog as well to at least help myself ot to be too tired during the trip.. hoho.

and so… today.. i managed to go for 1 hour and half jog session.. on a fasting day.. yeay.. hope i can manage for few more days.. at least every 2 days… if i am lazy to go everyday.. wohoo.. sleepyy….tomorrow and for the whole month, i will be working 8 am shift. so i am still adjusting my sleeping time… ok.. having headache… nitey nite

One response to “This Has got to stop

  1. lynderq says:

    meh aku teman ko berbuka.bila nk outing ni?

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