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Triple Alamak

on November 1, 2009

erkkk.. ignoring the weighing scale for quiet sometimes is not a good decision.. apparently, too much raya forgiveness is not good too :P( i’m talking about self indulgence).. previously, when i used to weigh myself every single day, a slight increase of 0.5 kg could have made me freaked out.. but guess what, since my weighing scales has been acting so strange this previous month( habis baterry konon.. skang tiba2 dia sihat plak), so bila tiba2 i weigh myself, baru macam.. erkkkss….sudah gained xkg.. wahaa..

too much raya food, too much raya cookies, too much open house.. too much buffet serving etc etc…
so tadi bangun pagi, decided to have a jog in usual place.. lembah kiara… cuba menghubungi cik yan, but apparetly tk mendapat jawapan :p.. so as usual, g jog sendirian..akan tetapi.. injury dr last hiking trip was not entirely healed.. so my ankle still hurts, my thigh pon lenguh2 lagik.. so there were part where i walked more than jog..terhencut sket tiba2 aahha :P.. adoih laa kan… and since i was quite late tadi.. so the weather was a bit hot.. each jog session was short :p… di selang seli ngan jalan session…..tgh jalan2 and when i decided to start jog again, tiba2 nampak biawak merayap di tepian.. adoihh… cuaks kejap.. then a girl who came from opposite direction was smiling cos she noticed the same thing also.. i was on my music so i did not hear what she said earlier.. so when i saw the biawak.. then saw someone suddenly smiled… my 1st reaction was to turn back and see if there was anyone else behind me that she was smiling at :P..apparently tade.. ahhaha.. so i stopped for a while a had a short chat with a sweet stranger which i did not even asked the name :P… lepas biawak dh selamat melintas, then baru ku start lari again. ahahaha tapelah.. nanti sok sok lepas keje leh singgah.. :P.. so it was just a 1 hour session…

before balik, as usual singgah beli soya bean+ taufufa.. then headed back home..the i spent most of the hours being mengantuk and waiting for facebook to load :p.. sempat mengemas dapur yg sgt banyak pinggan mangkuk + sink tersumbat.. adoihh..

on a totally unrelated topic, been thinking to continue study… :
1- continue my korean language as soon as possible.. (its been almost 2 years since i stopped learning.. adoih.. habis aa nanti lupa sumer..)
2- ada rasa2 mcm nk amik master….and since i basically sudah melupakan dunia design.. thinking to find some other course fr master.. nk amik IT, i was not an IT major… thinking mcm nk amik MBA… what do you think??

2 responses to “Triple Alamak

  1. marina says:

    shian awak sakit kaki…hehe tapi still semangat nak berjogging…bagus bagus…teruskan usaha itu…

    wahhh nak smbg master eh? errr kite MBA tak mampu nak buat sebab takut tak dpt catchup silibusnye…dah tgk dah, kite tak minat ler…

  2. ehehe jog tuh dh mcm rutin.. kalo tk wat mcm tk cukup jek.. walaupun selalunye cam jalan2 lebey dr jog :P… tp minggu2 nih tk jog lah kot.. sbb kaki sengal lagik…

    MBA nye syllabus teruk ke?? mana nk tgk ape syllabus ek? ehehe tu cadangan je aa.. tgk aa canner.. sbb dr dok melangut kan.. baik g amik master.. huhuhu..

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