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What can i get from Nike for Rm300??

on December 14, 2009

Nothing :P.. What’s with the Entry title? ahahha.. Just so happen, i won the “best” uniform for “ITSC 2009 Year End bash – People in uniform” party in zouk (5th of December) and i got myself a RM300 worth of Nike voucher. I was making some sort of calculation in my mind what can i buy with that amount… If it is “other” brand, i suppose i can get a pretty decent shoe. However, since it’s Nike, the “year end sale” does not have the slightest impact on the Nike shoe price :P..

So when you ask people, “what can you get yourself in Nike for RM300?”, i get the idea of nothing much :P.. There was few choices of shoes which range from 200-300, However, the look and function does not suits me…So I added a bit more money and ended up with a nice trail running shoe… yippie :D.. tried looking for the pix to update here.. but i was a bit confuse on what is the exact model that i bought :p.. ahahah ( typical me)… So i found something similar, or so iΒ  guess :P.. (rasaynya betol sbb model # sama hahaha :p).

Shoe Profile :
You’re seeking a shoe with rugged traction and protective elements throughout that help you comfortably handle any terrain.

Product details :

ο»ΏThe cushioning icon tuned for trail running, a perfect blend of trail-specific traction and fit plus protection from the elements.

Water repellent mesh upper ventilates the foot while overlays support it.
Forefoot poly StoneShield technology protects the foot from the elements.
Waffle outsole and durable, multidirectional lugs add traction on softer, uneven trails and roads.

Mine is Purple :p.. ahahahha..

p/s : to those who are used to this kind of shoe, mesti macam.. ek eleh.. poyo jek kecoh pasal kasut yg tk seberapa…

wellss……. saya tak gamak nk beli sendiri.. dapat duit pree maka beli lah.. :p

p/s lagik : sukati aku lah kalo aku nk bebel pasal ape dlm blog sendiri kan? :p haahhaha


POst edited (selepas seminit di publish sebab tiba2 jumpa the exact pix,, hahaha πŸ˜›

The Women’s Nike Air Pegasus 26 + is the perfect blend of cushioning, ride, and fit. Tweaked to make the fit even better. Improved materials. Great fit got even better. Upper divided in touch phase, mid stance, and propulsion zones. Revised u-throat design to accommodate wider feet. Tested and proven Air Pegasus 25 engine. Full-length Air-Sole unit, embedded in a soft polyurethane for extra longevity and comfort. Women’s forefoot flex. Nike+ ready. BRS1000 in heel for durability and real Waffle outsole for added responsiveness, cushioning, and traction.

bape kali p/s daaa : mine is light grey :P..

10 responses to “What can i get from Nike for Rm300??

  1. marina says:

    waaahhh chhhannntekknyeeee!!

  2. ehehehe.. tu lah….. dh bape kedai Nike d singgah, dr gardens, Mid Val, sampailah ke OU (yg ade 3 outlet in OU itself), asyik nampak kasut nih je.. ehehhe

    memula ingat cam nk beli Nike baru yg “moon Glider” tuh.. tp moon glider tuh seswai utk running je, tk seswai utk trail.. so last2 amik yg nih :D.. which is not bad either :).. oklah.. skali skala… ade rezeki.. kalo pakai duit sendiri, tk beli kot.. eheheheh

  3. iryani says:

    wah terbau kasut baru nih..sniff sniff πŸ™‚

  4. heh.. tk baru dah.. sudah rasmi di lembah kiara :P… heheheh

  5. :P says:

    kakak tolong sweep saya bole?

  6. takleh lah dik… sbb baru ingat nk mintak tolong adik sweep kan hahahaha :P…

    sweep sweeping ehhehe

  7. lynderq says:

    nice one!rasanya ada bekenan jugak masa usya2 dulu.hehe

  8. sazi says:

    wow..nice shoe!

    =P~ *droolling* me needs new shoe oso!

  9. :D…. carik kasut yg berkenan πŸ˜‰

  10. ehehehhe.. nape tk beli? idak kalu leh pakai sama :p eheheh

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