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Oh Silent Night~~

on April 17, 2010

Tonight is the 2nd night i have been working on a 12 hours night shift..not bad.. :)… Verdict : Night shift are happy time (if you do not encounter any major problems ehehehe :p)… yesterday managed not to sleep.. but err. sort of “letak kepala” atas meja for around half an hour from 5.30 to 6 eheheh.. menonton few eps of online drama (hoho..)…

actually felt a bit guilty towards shift mate.. so tried looking through notes to solve some of the problems.. but ended up at the “dead end” … okay.. i am lost without a “teacher”.. No matter where, work, class.. i need at least 1 guidance for me to catch up anything needed (at least once or twice..) then i might be able to “stand” and move along… so bila shift mates a bit tak berapa bz, baru kacau org.. so in the meantime, i watched some drama.. hoho (a bit weird though.. ) cos dulu masa office dulu, you don’t have any spare time .. cos the work load was like “never ending”.. as for now, (it seems as if) the workload for 1 person(when i was in the old office) are divided among the group members.. hoho…

mlm ni ada angan2, mahu study, instead of watching drama.. mlm ni berdua je ngan shift mate.. cos the other one MC..(1 shift ade 3 org)..

ouh, just got my end of semester korean exam result… hmmm considering that i “tembak” many of the answers, i would say i scored pretty good.. (alhamdulillah)… but then, i need to study more.. howaaaaaaa.. i’m taking “Korean Language Proficiency Test” (KLPT) exam next week (sunday).. and this paper, focus more on the industry terms (esp for those who wish to work in korean company or work there.. So, many of the terms, u can’t find in normal text book.. that’s why i was a bit “tembak-ing” here and there cos tak paham hahaha..

ok then, let’s study.. huhuh.. wish me luck 😉

One response to “Oh Silent Night~~

  1. marina says:

    bestnyee 😉

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