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개인의 취향 fever…. :x :x.entry bazir masa :p

on May 1, 2010

개인의 취향 fever…. 😡 :x.

ouh ouh ouho.. demam “Personal taste” semakin ketara.. adeh lahh :(…

but i especially LOVEEEESSSS this song….

바보처럼- 2 AM

still can’t find the Nice clips.. so for now enjoy the translation 😉

if suddenly rajin nk bersynopsis, i will do in the future :p.. but not now..those who would be intrested to watch, please visit mysoju .. for eps synopsis, can find in Dramabeans … ouh ouh.. seriously. A must watch drama (if you are a Korean drama junkie like i am :p)  :”>

2 responses to “개인의 취향 fever…. :x :x.entry bazir masa :p

  1. ajurina says:

    dah tgk abis citer nih..
    hahahah soo in love with lee min ho.. hensem sgt die dalam citer ni

  2. hehehehe btol tu ju… mmg semakin jatuh cinta ehehe :P.. dulu mmg dh suka dia dlm Boys over flowe, lepas citer nih lagik lagik lagik lah suka eheheh :p

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