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on July 12, 2010

This is what happen when you haven’t been updating your blog constantly .. there was supposed to be many things you want to share, but in the end when you finally write, you forgot almost all the important details.. haiihhh..

so i’m trying very hard to update what i can recall here :P.

My story on the KL Marathon, started half day before the marathon day.. Around 4pm, i went for some errands with my mother and my sister and that’s when i reallized that my Running shoe is missing..(one of it).. at that time, i was already pissing around as my beloved Nike shoe is missing.. Plus, i don’t have time to buy a new pair as I will be working that night…

to make long story short,  we finally decided to track back the journey of the car, the day before (when my car was drove by someone else + passengers).. well shoe won’t fall from passengers seat if there is no passenger (which is usually the case if i drive alone).. and so, long story short, we found the shoe lying near basketball court at my little brother school..

poor shoe.. lying there all wet.. but haiihh.. luckily we found you..if not, i would have ran the KL marathon bare feet(exageratting :p).. and so enough story on beloved shoe, since we foudn the shoe, i basically saved  almost 400 worth of money, so the kids got McD for dinner that night.. huh..

so i went to work.. yada yada.. and decided to have a short nap before the marathon, but as expected, i can’t sleep that night at work.. miss azafira picked me at around 6.30 and we drove to starting point which is Dataran Merdeka.. but as expected, most of the road towards Dataran are closed.. So after few turning and u turn and changing route, we decided to park in Central market… while walking to starting point, we can see that there are some people started running already and to our surprised, it’s our category… The 10km group has started running.. wahaaa..

and I still have my bag with all sorts of things in it.. since we don’t have much time, so we just ran with the bag.. wahaaa… semputtt….. in short, we walked most of the journey ehhehe.. but we managed to finish within 2 hours AHAHHAHA… well at least it’s within my target for not being able to run all the way :P…

it was a fun run though ehhehe.. we took pictures and all.. after finishing the marathon, we met with some friends and then i met up with my school mate..after that, i need to send miss azafira to bt Jalil and after reaching home, i practically “pengsan” since i did not sleep from previous night and plus the marathon and all, that’s basically sums up the “pengsaness” of the situation. ehhee.. i was exhausted..

nevertheless, it was an enjoyable experience.. Next year, we will try to cut the time by half hehehe :p

p/s : pictures still in my camera since i cannot locate my camera cable.. huhuh

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