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Happy Chinese New Year

on February 5, 2011


Wishing all my Chinese friends “Happy Chinese New Year” and to my Korean friends “새해 복 많이 받으세요”.

Since it is a long weekend this week, ( public holiday for thursday and Friday and then come the weekend), KL is seriously empty this weekend.. Wahaa.. heppy cos jalan sumer clear ehhehe.. yesterday i went to Sunway with family members (minus mama n zafies cos they were in JB :p) .. tiba rasa nk makan Chicken Hartz.. All in all, the place was a bit of a frustration to me..

The food was not as nice as before..chips pon ade sweet potato chips aje (even if i love sweet potato pon, tp if ade itu je, bosan jugak kan?).. chicken pon, cold!!..  terus regret sbb tk pegi flaming in sunway instead.. ice cream ade strawberry n chocolate jek.. tu pon tk topup.. sad sad..

in short, maybe my next visit will be in a very long long time in the future or maybe not coming back at all.. hahaha.. nasib the cashier was pleasant and even gave us 10% discount..

After makan, singgah game arcade sekejap and sempat lah mereka2 ini beracing seketika, including sorang ibu mengandung 😛


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