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Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

on February 9, 2011

I like this topic hheheh.. ouh and i’ve been missing entries again.. since i’m working night this week..(cos o usually write in the middle of the night, so if i’m working, my blog get stuck as well :p

ouh back to the topic.. Can I live without internet? hmmm… If literally speaking, “live”.. Yeah definitely i can live without internet :P.. it’s not like i am breathing via the net or something like that.. But imagining the life without internet, I would say It would be a little bit lonely ..

As for me, I think I rely mostly on internet because of Facebook. Cos i played daily game, then chat with frens and basically fill my daily life with facebook activity.. I would say, I might survive a week without internet if I have to.. but then i’ll spend the other week on the net again to basically clear of my daily updates that i’ve missed for the week that i did not have internet.

But if i were to live without internet for a month? hmmmmm.. a tough one i’ll say.. What say you?

2 responses to “Could you live without the internet for a week? For a month?

  1. Marina says:

    saye boley tapi lama2 nanti lost track news kawan2, xleh shopping…jadi xde internet for certain period bole la tapi sebulan takde? huhuhuu…canner nak masuk m2u nanti? tak leh la nak online shopping….=D heheheh….

  2. BAIZAH says:

    waaa… 1 month ka? x ble.. x ble.. tp kalo aku balik kg umah mak aku maybe ble kot…

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