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운동 화가 있으면 촣겠다!!

on March 19, 2011

Ouh… Dear car… 너없어서 난 요주음 매일 매일 힘들어요… But then again.. Since tonight I won’t be working, so i’m taking my own sweet time waljing from office to subway station in kg bharu. Earlier, I was even considering walking few kilometres to PWTC. so that I do not have to do transit in kl sentral.. But…. My dearest nike is the dearest pican… (can u relate? :-P)

P/S : torn between postaday and postaweek 😛

2 responses to “운동 화가 있으면 촣겠다!!

  1. . i . n . a . z . says:

    make it daily la. inaz suka baca. walaupun pendek pendek

  2. wahh… tak sangka ade jugak yg baca n mintak wat daily ehhehe :)… insyaAllah.. akan diusahakan 😀

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