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피곤해. Tired..

on March 30, 2011

Few days ago dialogue. ….

Adik : esok along keje lagik?
Me : haah.. Keje mlm plak..
Adik : aik? Nape skang mcm hari2 je keje…?
Me : ntah.. Kene ganti org..

Dalam hati.. Adik aku pon pasan aku keje hari2.. Haha..

Tapelah.. Skali skala terkena mengganti org..since 2 weeks back, office naikkan allowance untuk ganti orang.. Wah.. Mcm ramai plak yg offer diri.. But for me,  cos kesian dh tade org leh ganti… Maka layankan aje… At least, bulan depan leh dapat duit lebey heheh :-P..

Issue : logik tak kalau an employee keep on having mc every now and then? And it’s basically almost the same person every time?

No offence.. I certainly have no personal issue towards that person or any other person that took mc like an annual leave.. Just that i’m used to the idea that mc should only be taken if n only if u are really sick..or in my case really really sick.

To make it worse,  bila on the same day ade more than one person is on mc.. Hmmmm.. Then few days ago jugak.. I had a conversatiom with one of my colleague..

C: office lama dulu korang ade org ganti?
M : tade
C: then kalo dlm 1 hari ade 5 org tade. Canner?
M : there’s no such thing.. Nak kene 2 org mc dlm satu hari pon leh kira bape kali…

So, ape different sana n sini?

P/S : as i said earlier.. No personal issue.. So if it just so happen anyone from my current office to read this, bear in mind… This is just something to ponder on..i am not a perfect person.. But i do try my best to do the best as i can in my work with hope everyone will be satisfy and happy..

After all.. U are paid to do so.. While u are at it, why not try your best?

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